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About 10XBEAST

10xBeast is an AI-powered sales platform that helps businesses supercharge their revenue by writing emails that drive unbeatable results. With its advanced AI technology, 10xBeast can craft personalized, engaging emails that target the right customers and crush the competition. The platform's key features include AI-generated emails that are guaranteed to sell, smart targeting that ensures your messages resonate with customers, and competitive intelligence that reveals your rivals' secrets for winning campaigns. 10xBeast also automates the tedious task of scheduling meetings, freeing up your time to focus on closing more deals. Whether you're in e-commerce, retail, SaaS, real estate, or event promotion, 10xBeast can help you write less and sell more. Trusted by teams and businesses of all sizes, the platform has delivered impressive results, including a 250% boost in revenue, 8.7x more conversions, and 400% more deals - all while saving users over 37 hours per week.

  • Emails Guaranteed to Sell

    AI writes emails that get results, every time.

  • Target Customers

    AI targets them, your messages resonate, sales soar.

  • Crush Rivals, Win Big

    AI reveals competitor secrets for winning campaigns

  • Book Meetings

    AI schedules perfectly, freeing your time to win.

  • 3 Easy Steps to Find Your Next Customer

    1. Set up in 60 seconds\n2. Upload your contacts\n3. Launch your campaign instantly

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