The first Developer Engagement Platform

ALTO is an app for Slack that integrates with GitHub, Gitlab, and JIRA to improve your dev team productivity, gain visibility into the day-to-day work, and help build up healthy habits from day one!

About ALTO

ALTO is the first Developer Engagement Platform that helps engineering leaders and teams boost productivity, gain visibility into day-to-day work, and build healthy habits from day one. With ALTO, you can receive Slack reminders about merge requests and pull requests that are pending merge, ensuring your team ships smaller changes more frequently. ALTO also collects Merge Request analytics and feedback, giving you a full view of your dev team's performance in a single place. ALTO's Effortless Continuous Improvement feature allows you to set goals based on your team's historical data, not industry standards. This helps your team continuously improve their ways of working and align with your entire tech organization.

  • Slack reminders for merge requests and pull requests

    Receive Slack messages about merge requests and pull requests pending merge to default branch. Promote Continuous Delivery practices - smaller changes shipped more frequently.

  • Get full visibility into the day-to-day work of a team

    ALTO collects Merge Request analytics and feedback about day-to-day work, combined with DORA metrics, giving a full view of the dev team in a single place. Avoid wasting time digging through data.

  • Effortless Continuous Improvement

    Set goals based on historical data, not industry standards. Help the team be 5% better each sprint. Continuously improve team's ways of working and align with the tech organization.

  • Contextual onboarding in Slack

    Schedule a contextual onboarding program tailored for developer onboarding. Simplify the onboarding process without extensive documentation or training sessions.

  • Automate feedback from your team in Slack

    Automatically collect feedback when a developer completes a task in JIRA. Review feedback from all team members and discuss it during retrospectives.

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