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Never lose track, miss a deal, or forget a refund deadline again. Organize & manage your software tools effortlessly


APPSTOR is a revolutionary tool that aims to solve the common problem of digital tool management. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, we often find ourselves juggling an ever-growing collection of software tools, subscriptions, and deals - making it challenging to keep track of everything. APPSTOR was created to streamline this process and provide a centralized hub for managing all your digital tools. The platform automatically gathers details about your purchases, including dates, descriptions, codes, and even screenshots of the deal pages. This ensures you never miss a refund deadline or lose track of your valuable software investments. But APPSTOR goes beyond just organization. It also helps boost your productivity by allowing you to easily link tools to specific projects. This gives you visibility into which tools are driving your work and which are gathering digital dust, empowering you to optimize your toolkit for maximum efficiency. For those who love a good deal, APPSTOR's monitoring feature is a game-changer. It watches deal pages for you and alerts you when more reviews have been posted, helping you make informed purchasing decisions and avoid buyer's remorse. With APPSTOR, you can say goodbye to FOMO and hello to a streamlined, stress-free digital tool experience.

  • Organize and Manage Software Tools

    Appstor allows you to easily organize and manage all of your software tools in one place, never losing track of your purchases or missing a refund deadline.

  • Link Tools to Projects

    Appstor lets you effortlessly assign your software tools to specific projects, helping you discover which tools are driving your work and which are gathering digital dust.

  • Monitor Tool Reviews

    Appstor's monitoring feature will watch deal pages for you and let you know when more reviews have been posted, helping you decide when to commit to a new tool purchase.

  • Automatic Tool Import

    Appstor will automatically grab your software tool purchases and enter all the details, including dates, descriptions, codes, and screenshots, saving you time.

  • Cross-Device Accessibility

    Appstor's responsive design ensures you can manage your digital tools from anywhere, on any device, whether you're on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

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organised at last

great way to keep deals organised automatically

Jun 13, 2024
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