AI employees to automate business work

The first AI worker that works with humans to automate. It learns from what you do, and can be taught new tasks, just from demonstration.

About Basepilot

Basepilot is a revolutionary AI-powered assistant that's here to transform the way businesses operate. Imagine having a tireless, intelligent employee who can take over the mundane, repetitive tasks that bog down your team, freeing them up to focus on high-impact, strategic work. This AI worker is no ordinary bot - it learns from your actions, adapting and growing to become a true partner in your business. With just a simple demonstration, you can teach Basepilot new workflows, and it will execute them with lightning speed and precision, saving your team countless hours every week. Whether you're in sales, finance, HR, or any other department, Basepilot has your back. It can handle everything from data entry and form filling to prospecting and client outreach, allowing your human employees to devote their time and energy to the tasks that truly drive your business forward. Say goodbye to the drudgery of administrative work and hello to a future where your AI copilot takes the wheel.

  • AI Recruiter

    Automates back-office recruitment processes to allow recruiters to focus on client conversations. Features include analyzing and triaging applications, sourcing candidates, researching companies, and ATS data entry and enrichment.

  • AI Sales

    Automates back-office sales processes to free up time for selling. Features include outreach via email or LinkedIn, data entry and enrichment, and prospecting new clients.

  • AI Finance

    Automates back-office finance processes. Features include form filling, data entry, accounts operations, invoicing and billing, and payroll.

  • Logistics Automation

    Automates logistics and supply chain operations. Features include inventory management, order processing, data processing and form filling, and compliance tasks.

  • Administrative Automation

    Automates back-office administrative tasks. Features include form filling, data entry, and website and directory scraping.

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  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

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