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Retain customers, grow revenue, and scale through better email and conversational marketing.

About Bento

Bento is a powerful messaging automation platform created for online businesses, featuring robust email and SMS marketing tools to help you retain customers, grow revenue, and scale your operations. Whether you're a non-technical marketer or a 10x developer, Bento makes it easy to streamline your marketing with powerful automation. With its flexible workflow builder, you can create automations as fast as you can think of them, powered by your first-party data. Never worry about making marketing mistakes again - Bento allows you to test your automations before going live and provides a suite of tools to ensure your emails are optimized and delivered safely. Bento's two-way communication features let you engage with customers in real-time across email, live chat, and social channels. Its unlimited inboxes make it easy to respond to customers whenever they reach out. And with Bento's vibrant Discord community, you'll never have to build alone - get help with marketing strategies, API questions, and more from fellow customers and the Bento team.

  • Email & SMS

    Send targeted messages to your users at scale.

  • Flows

    Create automations based on user behaviour.

  • Chat

    Engage in conversations over live chat, social and email.

  • Deliverability

    Powerful tools and services to keep you compliant and out of the spam folder.

  • Customer Feedback

    Run surveys and collect feedback from your customers.

Live chat

Platforms supported

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android

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Email Marketing and Automation Tool

Bento offers a robust set of features, including powerful automation tools, flexible segmentation, and detailed analytics. Its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with various platforms make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Jul 10, 2024
Hemanth Boyapati
Hemanth Boyapati
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