Bulk Image Resizing Made Easy 2.0

Flexible and Easy Bulk Image Resizing


BIRME is a flexible and easy to use bulk image resizer that can resize your images to any specific dimension and crop them proportionately if necessary. It's an online tool, so you don't need to download or install anything on your computer. And best of all, BIRME is absolutely free to use. The idea for BIRME came about almost 10 years ago, when the creators handed over a beautifully themed WordPress website to a client. However, after a while, they found the website started to look distorted because the client was uploading images without properly resizing them. Existing software options at the time were either expensive, produced low quality results, or required installation which wasn't always possible due to company security policies. So the creators set out to solve this problem by making a website that could easily resize images in bulk, without sacrificing quality. The first version of BIRME was built in 2012 using HTML, JavaScript and a bit of Flash. In 2015, the Flash component was removed. And now with BIRME 2.0, the code has been fully refreshed to be more powerful and user-friendly than ever. Whether you're a photographer needing to prepare images for a website, or just looking for an easy way to resize photos in bulk, BIRME has you covered. With useful features like auto focal point detection, bulk file renaming, and the ability to save in different formats, BIRME makes it a breeze to get your images web-ready. Give it a try and see how BIRME can simplify your image resizing workflow!

  • Bulk Image Resizing

    BIRME is a flexible bulk image resizer. Resize multiple images to any dimension and crop if needed.

  • Online and Free

    BIRME is an online tool. No downloads needed. Free to use.

  • Auto Focal Point Detection

    Smartcrop library for precise cropping based on image analysis.

  • Renaming Files in Bulk

    Rename multiple files at once with sequential numbers.

  • Save as ZIP

    Option to save resized images as a ZIP file for easy downloading.

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