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A powerful and reliable solution for digital certificates and badges

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Great Certification (Micro Credentialing) tool. User§friendly, reliable. API works perfectly and also the Dashboard is great. pricing structure is fair for any Learning organisation compared to all other competitors. that makes this tool an absolute no-brainer

Jun 14, 2024
Charles LI
Charles LI
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Certopus is without a doubt a great tool for certification and diplomas, I recommend it 100% and you should not miss this opportunity because deals like this are not always seen. It depends on the entire community that Certopus is a great competitor and the platform has nothing to envy of tools like Sertifier, Accredible, Credly or CertifyMe.

Certopus provides access to API and has integration options, in addition to everything, its co-founder Raj is a super friendly guy who gives you all the necessary help, without a doubt one of the best deals of 2023 and I strongly recommend that you do not miss it, The cost-benefit ratio compared to other tools represents a saving of almost 2000% in the highest tier.

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Great software!

Don't let his one pass you by! I've been looking for something like this for the past few months and I'm delighted to have spotted this on AS this week! Raj is a really kind guy and super fast at responding to give support!
It took me a few mins to figure out what I was doing, but in 5 minutes I had created a certificate. I really like the designs too. So modern and stylish. Great add-ons available that for me as a teacher will bring my students motivation and engagement to life throughout 2024.

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Affordable certification option

Certopus is an affordable option compared to other certificate issuance software. I also appreciate the level of customization available. The user interface is beautiful, and I find the whole experience straightforward and user-friendly.

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Do not miss it!

Hello, I had some questions, and Raj responded within minutes. Not only that, but he explained everything step by step and was extremely kind and eager to assist.

Now, the product is amazing; Everything inside is clean and organized; I reached my stacking limit and expect to get some more in the following few hours...

I don't normally leave reviews, and no one asked me to or encouraged me to do so.

Some examples can be found in some of the answers (question section). Check them out!

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Get it before it's gone

I've been using this software for a month or so and its pretty straightforward and user friendly. The UI is actually really beautiful and I'm liking the whole experience so far. I have not actually issued any awards yet so I cant say if that function works well but I assume it does. I really like the deal regardless because we have courses that we offer other training courses outside of the Cisco Networking Academy (which uses Canvas) and we have been using physical certificates for those graduates. We tried a few other software and they are very expensive and have little room for customization, the free options don't meet our needs. I'm hoping that we can stop using physical certificates altogether with Certopus, it seems very promising. I wish I'd had time to fully test the functionality before leaving a review but I noticed the deal is expiring and I wanted to leave some positive feedback on what (Network Training Institute) have experienced so far with the software. If you are a nonprofit like us or on a budget this is a very good option compared to accredible or credly with a lot of freedom for custom design and flexibility.

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Excellent tool for delivering verifiable credentials

This is an easy-to-use tool that has a lot of potential. It allows educational providers and institutions to issue verifiable credentials with ease. Simple is powerful.
Raj was also very prompt in helping me with my questions about the platform and gave suggestions on how to best implement Certopus in my projects.
Looking forward to using this!

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This is an excellent tool for certification

No doubt, certopus at this price is a great tool to certify students. As a coaching business owner , i find it incredibly helpful to add value to my classes. Students are delighted to be certified. The UI of this app is intuitive and generating certificates is easy. I hope the development continues for many years to come.

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Bought 10 codes. A must have tools if you serious in education business.

If you serious in e-learning courses business, high ticket, this tools is a must have. You can give added value to your customer, give them pride, acknowledge, and show you're different than the others.

Since COVID, most of people go learn digital things, e-course things became more and more, if you want to compete, show how serious you are, give real value to your customer, so take action seriously.

This tools have NFT in the future, so you'll regret if you not buy now.

The support really great and fast response.

Thanks for your great service Raj!

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Great product

Great product, great support. Thank you, Raj!

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Certopus is Incredibly Awesome 🤗

First thing first, heaving a great software with a boring support is good as dead.

Certopus is a great software that comes with an unbelievable fast and personalised support.

Certopus is the best on budget investment we have ever made. With it incredible fully editable certificate tool, it's about time we cancel our canva plan, and with it mailing tool, you can schedule or send certificates right away. Certopus is helping us design and deliver secured certificates, and it helps us saved money from using multiple software for a single goal, and automate delivery which reduces time. Thank you Certopus, and thanks Raj for the personalise support.

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Just wow!

I will rarely write a review, but we've been testing this software for a couple of months now and are implementing it as our certificate issuing software for our company. We've fully stacked! This software sets us apart from our competitors, support has been transparent and *very* quick to respond, whitelabeling is set up really well - We are super stoked about this purchase. Highly recommend - one of the better purchases we've made! Looking forward to being able to add our own custom javascript so we can add Gleap for our own ticketing system as well.

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