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About ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a creator marketing platform designed to empower creators to work smarter, not harder, by providing email, automation, and monetization tools that drive continuous growth. With a focus on sustainable growth, ConvertKit supports over 600k creators in building their audience, sending beautiful emails, automating marketing processes, and earning income through various channels like selling digital products, running paid newsletters, subscriptions, and memberships. The platform is trusted by a diverse range of creators, including authors, podcasters, musicians, and coaches, who leverage ConvertKit to connect with their audience and monetize their content effectively. ConvertKit simplifies email marketing and automation for creators, enabling them to focus on creating content and engaging with their audience. With user-friendly tools and personalized support, ConvertKit helps creators grow their audience, increase conversions, and monetize their content effectively.

  • Landing Pages

    ConvertKit offers landing pages to help creators build systems to grow their audience and reach across channels. These landing pages can be used to convert followers from social media and YouTube to email lists, providing quick insights on template performance and facilitating continuous testing.

  • Email Marketing

    Creators can stay connected with their audience through ConvertKit's email marketing features. The platform allows for consistent communication through newsletters, personalized campaigns, and ensures emails reach the inbox with stellar deliverability.

  • Visual Automations

    ConvertKit enables creators to put their marketing funnels on autopilot with Visual Automations. This feature helps in organizing audiences based on entry, interaction, and interests, ensuring personalized content delivery.

  • Sell Digital Products

    Creators can monetize their work by selling digital products directly on ConvertKit or integrating third-party e-commerce tools. The platform offers various pricing methods and allows integration with sales dashboards for better audience behavior insights.

  • Migration Services

    ConvertKit provides services to help creators seamlessly switch to their platform. This includes free migration by experts, personalized assistance from account managers, and free deliverability audits to improve inbox placement.

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