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Boost sales with visual-AI-generated product page content: attributes, specifications, descriptions, images.

About descrb

Descrb is a powerful SaaS tool that helps e-commerce businesses create high-converting product pages at scale. Designed for busy online retailers, Descrb leverages advanced AI and visual recognition technology to automate the tedious task of writing product descriptions and generating relevant images. The tool's target audience is e-commerce store owners, marketplace sellers, and software providers who need to quickly and consistently add new products to their online catalogs. Descrb solves the common pain points of limited time, resources, and product knowledge that often result in subpar product pages that fail to engage customers and drive sales. With Descrb, users can free up to 95% of their copywriters' time, generate product descriptions and images in multiple languages, and ensure a reliable, consistent customer experience across all their product offerings - even for new or obscure items. The platform's turn-key setup and scalable architecture make it a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their e-commerce operations and boost online conversions.

  • Visual-AI-Generated Product Content

    Descrb uses advanced AI to automatically generate product attributes, specifications, descriptions, and images for your e-commerce store.

  • E-commerce Use Case

    Sell more products faster in your store or to meet marketplace requirements.

  • Marketplace Use Case

    Be the simplest platform for adding new products with the highest conversion rate.

  • PIM Software Use Case

    Supercharge your software by integrating the most advanced AI dedicated to e-commerce.

  • API Integration

    Integrate Descrb's technology seamlessly into your existing IT system using their API for customization and flexibility.

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