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Please bring it back

I'd love to get a chance to get my hands on Deskfirst.

Jun 17, 2024
Andrew Jude St-Fleur
Andrew Jude St-Fleur
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I use it EVERY day!

Short and sweet, this is a tool that I use every single day! I has not failed me and it makes it so easy for my clients and I to exchange everything from photos to finished applications. Sending applications (EXE's) via email has become next to impossible, thanks Google for that, but with DeskFirst it's as simple as dragging it to the folder and within a few seconds, your client can download it on their computer with no hassles! This is worth every penny!

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Extremely satisfied with some wishes

This tool is incredibly handy to use. You can share documents, links, and data in a professional and extremely simple way, all organized neatly. For a job application, I shared all my documents and links to social media. The (Desktop) link can also be easily shared further with others. Much easier than an email with all sorts of attachments that you have to search for in the entire message chain! What I still wish for: a special offer for Sumolings to buy more storage space (and thus more workspaces) (such offers I get from other products). and/ or A lower adjustable minimum memory usage per workspace. Also, I would like to be able to enlarge my logo more easily; right now, I can only choose the position. Oh yes, choosing an image/Icon for a folder would also be cool! A lot of wishes, but I am also extremely satisfied... Albert Heemeijer

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Simple and Easy

Deskfirst is an amazing tool that helps me with my daily tasks and work. Previously, I was using Dropbox, but it was quite expensive, and its design did not match the aesthetic appeal of Deskfirst. Initially, I was hesitant to switch to Deskfirst, as I thought that uploading files through its drag and drop feature might be time-consuming. However, to my surprise, the upload is quick. On the other hand, downloading heavy folders takes time.

As an admin, I wish Deskfirst had a one-page dashboard that would enable me to monitor my team's space usage and link performance. Also, it would be great if Deskfirst offered WhiteLabel with CNAME so that we could share the files as agency owners. Furthermore, I would like to have a shareable link for each folder and not just for the entire desktop. Currently, we can only share ten links at the desktop level, which all clients can access. Having a shareable link per folder would ensure privacy, and other clients on my team won't be able to see files from different companies.

I am happy with the Tier 3 plan, which will be very helpful in streamlining my company files and sharing them with clients. Don't miss this deal! I highly recommend it.

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no "but" : excellent

After a initial issue everything is fin : this platform is just precious !
And thanks Omer for your help

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User friendly

I believe this will be the future of work sharing space. The other versions are complicated or ugly looking. Super simple to use.

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Great, easy, wonderful idea

I totally like the concept of creating desktops for file sharing and collaboration. I use it daily for my classes.

The UI an Design needs improvement, looks quite cheap. I would like to have a more legible font and an improved design for the icons and so on - at the moment it looks a bit like Bubble gum.

Overall: Huge recommendation, so I give 6 of 5 stars for the concept, 4 of 5 for UI - 5 tacos in total ;)

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Simple But Works

This replaces my computer desktop, which is quite cluttered all the time, this puts some order into things. Would definitely like a desktop version for the Mac.

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Great program

Excellent program with a very good user interface. It is very useful for managing and organizing files.

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Great UI/UX

Great for collaboration and management of files with a very good user interface and experience

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Great Product

We had a couple of early issues with this app - however the follow-up and support has been great.
We have implemented DeskFirst into a number of key internal processes in my team, and it is making collaboration between team members so easy.
In amongst the apps that get launched and made available, occasionally one comes along that is so much better than the rest - a great product, well thought out and fantastic interface.

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Easy to use

I was searching for a long time a way to share files / Folders with Family which need to be user friendly with them.
Now i find the best way to share files.
You Simply drag and drop your files and voilà!
Appreciate also the media reader.
Needs a document viewer / Editor to be perfect.
But very statisfied at the moment.

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