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About Dubly.AI

Dubly.AI is a revolutionary AI-powered video translation tool that is transforming the way businesses and content creators reach global audiences. Traditional video translation methods have long been plagued by high costs, complex workflows, and a lack of authenticity. Dubly.AI solves these challenges by leveraging advanced AI technology to provide seamless, high-quality video translations in over 28 languages. With Dubly.AI, users can easily upload their video content and have it translated, with the original speaker's voice authentically recreated. This ensures a natural, lifelike experience for viewers, fostering deeper engagement and understanding across language barriers. Dubly.AI's intuitive interface and business-oriented features, such as custom glossaries and translation guidelines, make it an indispensable tool for companies and creators looking to expand their global reach. By overcoming language obstacles, Dubly.AI empowers its users to connect with audiences worldwide, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

  • Authentic translation

    A sophisticated AI clones the voice of the original speaker - for natural and convincing translations.

  • Ease of use

    An intuitive user interface that requires no special technical knowledge.

  • Custom glossaries

    Technical terms often have individually defined translations. You can create your own glossaries for this very purpose.

  • Preserve Music/Noise

    Background music or noise can be authentically transferred into the translated version.

  • Ready-to-use audio & video files

    Download the final result in the format of your choice, whether video, audio or subtitles.

  • Individual adjustments

    Would you like to make a manual adjustment to the translation afterwards? That's no problem for Dubly.AI.

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