Turn your audience into Leads

Use any file or link as lead magnet to capture your audience email, phone number and more.

About Dyence

Dyence is a powerful tool that helps creators and businesses transform their audience into valuable leads. With Dyence, you can easily capture your audience's contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, by using any file or link as a lead magnet. The platform solves the common problems of limited and impersonal audience engagement, manual and dispersed data collection, tedious contact export, disorganized lead management, and limited monetization potential. Dyence streamlines these processes, providing enhanced and personalized engagement, automated and centralized data collection, seamless contact export, organized lead management, and improved monetization potential. Dyence is designed for creators, small businesses, and active online communities who want to effectively monetize their audience. By using Dyence, users can create customizable capture pages, export leads in CSV format, track real-time analytics, and even send lead magnets via email to ensure valid contact information and stay on top of email campaigns.

  • Capture Page Building

    Create capture pages with different fields such as email, phone number, first name, and the ability to customize page colors.

  • Export Contacts

    Export all leads captured from your pages in CSV format with the option of managing contacts by dedicated list.

  • Pages Analytics

    Real-time tracking of visitors, lead captures, page performance, browsers, OS, devices used by your visitors and their countries.

  • Send File or Link via Email

    Send the lead magnet via email to ensure receiving a valid email and to stay on top of email campaigns in the near future.

  • Effortless Integration

    Easily integrate Dyence pages into your existing tools or code with HTML code.

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