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Great product.

Easy to use with very helpful links.
I recommend this product to every business owner looking for good marketing solution.

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Great start and can only really get better...

I have been looking for a tool like this, specifically to get emails for YouTubers for my use case since YouTube is quite restrictive with how many emails you can get daily and most other tools are very expensive to get this type of data.

So far, I'm having a good experience using it. The UI is nice and easy to use, and so far I have no complaints with the UX side of things - all has been smooth so far.

They recently changed it so that we can set follower limits and country limits before it does a search (which uses credits), which was done pretty quickly after it was requested, which is great to see.

I would like to see this offer a little more flexibility in the pre-search filters for number of followers (like 10K to 20K etc.), but what's been implemented already is a very good start to say the least.

I'd also like to be able to choose 'email only' before the search if possible since I'm not interested in anyone that doesnt have one, but overall I'm getting Youtuber emails which i can use for outreach.

I checked Instagram, which seems to have the most email ratio. While I don't have a use case for Instagram at this time, it is worth you knowing this in case you do. Tiktok emails were not so many in my tests, but i only tested a search for 50 so it would need further testing for anyone that wants tiktok emails. I did no tests for twitter at all so can't comment here.

I haven't used the email features yet so can't comment on this either. Not sure if i will at this stage since i already have a system for cold email outreach that also has email warming etc. But it's a nice to have thing in case i do want to try it.

In my 'very' early tests it is providing pretty accurate results based on the search criteria i'm using. There are the odd few categories that slip in, but for the most part, it's providing the correct categories based on what i've asked for.

While doing my searches, it's worth knowing that there was one search that failed. I got an email shortly after letting me know that this search failed and that my credits will not be used for that search (the credits initially disappeared and then were replenished soon after the failure). This was good to see as i thought they were gone. I did around 10 searches before just that one failed so not bad at all. I was easily able to re-run it.

Having said all this, my only small concern is that this is a very, very new product. However, my first impressions have been good and i'm pretty confident i can get an ROI within 2-3 months so it's worth the risk for me. All i have to do is get a couple of client's onboard for this to pay for itself.

Influencer marketing continues to be one of the most proficient marketing strategies in 2024.
If this continues to grow I can see this being a real gem for anyone that does influencer outreach or needs to prospect anyone that has a social media following for any particular reason.

Great start, so let's just hope you're in this for the long run and can later attract some good MRR.

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