All-in-one Customer Engagement and Automation Tool for SaaS

Send personalized messages, create automated message workflows, and support customers via email, SMS, push notifications, website banners, live chat, and more.

About Engage

Engage is a powerful all-in-one customer engagement and automation tool designed specifically for SaaS businesses. It empowers you to seamlessly connect with your customers, nurture their journey, and drive meaningful engagement across multiple channels. With Engage, you can easily send personalized messages, create automated workflows, and support your customers through email, SMS, push notifications, website banners, and even live chat. By integrating with a wide range of services like PostHog, Twilio Segment, and Stripe, Engage helps you centralize your customer data and gain a deeper understanding of their behavior and preferences. The platform's advanced segmentation capabilities allow you to automatically group your customers based on their attributes, events, and actions. This enables you to craft targeted campaigns and dynamic workflows that deliver the right message at the right time, whether it's for onboarding, conversion, or retention. Engage's real-time analytics provide valuable insights into how your customers engage with your campaigns, helping you optimize your strategies for maximum impact.

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Manage, track and view customer engagement and data across your business.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Automatically group customers based on their attributes, events and actions.

  • Multichannel Campaigns

    Send personalized marketing campaigns via email, SMS, push notifications and in-app messaging.

  • Automation

    Automate customer engagement through the user's journey with complex workflows.

  • Help Center

    Build a self-service resource center that answers customer questions even when you're offline.

  • Shared Inbox

    Oversee your team-customer communication from a central inbox.

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