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i like the software very much but this point pains me !

i got to admit that i admire this software very much , but i don't like being limited to one signle sending email domain, it frustrates me as i have multiple businesses to run.

i don't want to buy multiple accounts .
i hope creator reconsider this matter by allowing to use 3 sending email domains.

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Remarkable Project

It's really a powerful tool, and I'm very happy to be on board with the Unlimited plan. It has a remarkable UI and UX, making it very convenient in terms of ease of use.

I think the icing on the cake for this project will be its integration with platforms like Shopify and WordPress, along with automations. Once this is enabled, it will become the most powerful, most reliable, and most worthwhile deal available.

So, I'm hoping this project can grow well.

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Finally a good, reliable email marketing solution that just... works!

Really proud to see another Malaysian company in the Appsumo ecosystem, but that's not why I supported this deal.

As a matter of fact, I'm not even gonna let the fact that I know Jeffri personally affect my reviews on this deal (Sorry bro #toughlove)

I tried this on Tier 2 for one of my client's accounts (we had a bad experience with another app here a few weeks back), and I have to be honest: Engine Mailer just works.

It's a product that has been battle-tested for years, with loads of multinational brands, with a team that eats, drinks and breathes email systems.

Coming back to buy another deal for another client, and have already got a few of my friends on board.

Great job, Engine Mailer team, and looking forward to be part of your growth!

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Outstanding Support and Service!

I recently encountered an issue with Enginemailer and decided to contact their support team. I was blown away by how quickly and efficiently they resolved my issue. In no time, they fixed the problem and ensured everything was running perfectly. The support team is super knowledgeable, responsive, and truly cares about their users. Highly recommend!

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A good one

I like the single sender limitation. Else spammers just push these servers to the limits and we *ALLL* endup in spam.

Overall a good product. I am using this for transactional emails of my app.

Hope the IP pools stay strong and don't get abused. That would be my only concern.

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Shocked Due to Low price

This is an amazing platform. I was worried about the domain limit but shocked to see that I can add different aent from names and email addresses. This platform reminds me of other email platforms. I am REALLY SHOCKED. I plan to upgrade before it's too late. Super EASY to use.

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Excellent, beautiful UI.

I know a few people have expressed disappointment at the single sending domain restriction, but this is not an issue for me. The system works great, has a beautiful UI and is super easy to use. So, I would highly recommend it and I've very happy with the Tier 1. Thank you.

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