Get more done, feel good doing it

Use the power of virtual co-working to stay focused and beat distraction


FLOWN is the ultimate virtual co-working platform that helps you get more done and feel good doing it. By harnessing the power of 'body doubling', FLOWN allows you to work alongside others in a virtual setting, boosting your focus and productivity. The platform offers a rich array of focus sessions, from structured 'Deep Dive' sessions led by expert facilitators to 24/7 'Drop-In' sessions for an instant virtual library effect. But FLOWN is more than just co-working - it also provides a range of recharge activities like breathwork, meditation, and journaling to help you be your best self. FLOWN's virtual community connects you with like-minded professionals from around the world, providing accountability and support to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're an entrepreneur, student, or remote worker, FLOWN gives you the tools and environment you need to beat procrastination, overcome distractions, and experience the satisfaction of deep work.

  • Virtual Co-Working Sessions

    FLOWN offers 24/7 drop-in co-working sessions and facilitated focus sessions led by expert facilitators to help users stay accountable and focused.

  • Body Doubling

    FLOWN's virtual co-working sessions leverage the power of body doubling to help users overcome procrastination and improve focus.

  • Recharge Sessions

    FLOWN offers a variety of live sessions including breathwork, meditation, and movement to help users recharge and be their best selves.

  • Community and Accountability

    FLOWN's virtual community helps users stay connected and accountable, increasing their chances of success by up to 95%.

  • Customizable Sessions

    Users can create their own private focus sessions for friends, family, or colleagues to join for free, and even host sessions for their own communities.

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