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FormStory is a powerful form tracking software that helps businesses capture every lead and boost their form submission rates. Designed with simplicity in mind, FormStory's advanced algorithms track every form submission, ensuring no potential customer goes unnoticed. Many businesses struggle with lost leads due to form malfunctions or lack of real-time tracking. FormStory solves this problem by providing instant notifications about partial entries, form issues, and form abandonment. With this information, businesses can quickly identify and address any problems, preventing valuable leads from slipping through the cracks. Beyond just tracking form submissions, FormStory's analytics feature offers deep insights into form performance. Businesses can track every submission, bounce, and conversion, allowing them to identify bottlenecks and optimize their forms for maximum impact. By using the data-driven insights provided by FormStory, companies can unlock their full business potential and drive more conversions from their website forms.

  • Website Form Monitoring

    FormStory's website form monitoring uses advanced algorithms to track every form submission, ensuring no data is missed. Securely storing inputs for lead capture.

  • Real-Time Form Tracking

    FormStory provides instant notifications in case of partial entries, form issues, or abandonment. Captures every submission with precision.

  • Form Analytics

    FormStory's form analytics feature provides real-time visibility into form performance. Identify bottlenecks for optimization.

  • Instant Notifications

    FormStory captures every submission with precision. Get instant notifications for submissions, abandonment, or issues.

  • Secure Data Storage

    FormStory ensures data security with encryption and secure protocols for privacy compliance.

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