Clean up your iCloud Mail, privacy-first

Discover top inbox offenders to mass delete emails. No email logins or OAuth tokens needed. One click email unsubscribes. Emails stay safe & private. Even works offline.

About GoodByEmail

Is your Gmail storage full? GoodByEmail is here to help. This privacy-first tool allows you to clean up your email inbox without ever handing over your login credentials or OAuth tokens. No third-party access to your emails - everything stays on your device. GoodByEmail's AI-powered engine analyzes your inbox to identify the top senders consuming your storage space. You can then quickly unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists and mass delete thousands of emails from these 'top offenders' directly in your email client. All while keeping your data completely secure and private. The app even works offline, so you never have to worry about your emails being uploaded to any servers. GoodByEmail is the only truly private email cleaning solution on the market, designed for people who take their digital privacy seriously. Reclaim your inbox space and keep your data where it belongs - with you.

  • Privacy-first Approach

    GoodByEmail prioritizes user privacy and security above all. It operates offline and processes data locally on the user's computer, ensuring that emails never leave the user's device.

  • Inbox Analytics

    GoodByEmail's AI engine analyzes the user's inbox to identify the top email senders consuming the most storage space and the number of emails received from each sender.

  • One-Click Unsubscribe

    Users can quickly unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists directly within the GoodByEmail app, further decluttering their inbox.

  • Mass Email Deletion

    Armed with insights from GoodByEmail, users can mass delete thousands of emails from unwanted senders directly in their email client to reclaim storage space.

  • Offline Functionality

    GoodByEmail can be used offline, ensuring that users' data never leaves their computer and remains completely secure.

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Privacy-focused cleaner

I'm happy to finally see a completely secure email cleaning solution that doesn't ask for my credentials and does not get to access my inbox directly. Super thanks for the innovation!

Jun 28, 2024
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