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Came back 3 times for more codes

I have been exploring Heights and working my way through the course provided and am absolutely loving it. I've come back twice to add to my number of codes after seeing how easy it is to set up courses and coming up with additional product ideas.
*the easy to use interface
*the amazing tutorials
*the quick answers to my questions from support about future feature development and helpful resources
*the ability to budget in advance what growing out of the plan will mean
*the challenges and badges for gamification are SO very helpful

Excited to see what else gets rolled out over time! I highly recommend a couple extra codes as you're likely to think of additional products as soon as the deal ends :P

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Solid LMS and A Great Deal

I consider Heights to be one of my most promising AppSumo purchases for the long term. Here are the pros and cons from my perspective for anyone on the fence.


* Hands-on, competent founder and outstanding support. This is huge for a company's long-term success and my #1 criterion when evaluating software and services. Bryan is on the ball and seems committed to taking the platform to new heights.

* Mature and functional software. Upon using Heights for a bit, it is clear to me that the platform is well thought out, and it just works. This is not some half-baked solution that was put together last month as a money grab.

* Built-in certificates. It is great to be able to handle issuing certificates directly within Heights without having to deal with an external service.

* API access. If you like automating things, as many Sumolings do, having access to Heights API and Zapier support will make your life easier.

* The price is right. Using Heights will require me to pay a small monthly fee to get unlimited products and video hosting. But, I am happy to do it as the cost will be a fraction of what I would pay for a competing service of the same caliber.


* UI is not stellar. While entirely usable, the user interface looks dated and does not have the polish you can find in some of Heights' competitors. Specifically, UI components look cramped together and slightly cluttered, with shadows and other styling choices that feel a bit dated when compared to modern design trends. BUT, a huge advantage here is that Heights allows custom CCS. With some love and effort, it should be possible to overcome some of Heights' shortcomings in this area.

Modernizing the UI would likely be near the top of my priority list if I were running Heights. First impressions matter 😉

* No built-in assessments. While it is possible to work around this to an extent with external embeds, I think it is vital to have powerful assessment capabilities in an LMS. Based on Heights' answers to questions, I am slightly concerned that this may not happen in the near future.

* No single sign-on. This may not be a big deal for solo creators that plan to only provide training. But, if you have a more diverse business where you engage with customers on various platforms, having SSO to tie the logins together is essential. I really hope this gets implemented soon.

* No support for SCORM or xAPI. If you do not know what these are, you probably have nothing to worry about in the short term. This was a slight concern for me but not a deal-breaker.

Overall, this is a five-taco deal for anyone in the market for an LMS. Don't sleep on it!

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Great LMS and customer service

I have tried several LMS platforms on Appsumo and this is my favorite.

I contacted customer service about a problem translating part of the certificate into French and was amazed by the speed and quality of their customer service.

I recommend at 200% and took 2 more codes.

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Why Heights Platform (HP)?

In a word - leadership. It's not just an app. HP will lead you effectively. I've tried a lot of LMS applications. Some I liked the simplicity, some the graphics and UX, but I always had to have some knowledge, skills and experience in creating the system, structure and marketing.

With HP, it's different. From the first moment, the application guides you. You don't need to know complicated and complex systems; you just need to follow the process and structure. You just need to be a content creator and HP will provide everything else.

Plus the T-30 Launch Your Online Course in 30 Days course is great. I personally like it.

I bought 2 code, but I am buying 1 more code, not because I need it, but as an appreciation for the quality and a thank you for this offer.

You want a quality system where integrity can be felt, so don't waste this opportunity.

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Awesome platform with an extraordinary support

The Heights platform is extraordinary. There are numerous video tutorials and a comprehensive support area for specific questions. In addition, there is an excellent free online course T-30 that teaches you how to design, launch, and promote an online course.
Outstanding customer service and technical support! In less than two hours, I received a response that resolved my setup issue. This is simply astounding. The Heights crew is definitely customer-centric and there for you throughout the entire process.
The platform is fairly intuitive and contains built-in guides that provide a level of help through the platform's functions and capabilities. For example, if you are in the course editor, a virtual assistant will walk you through that page.
The payment capabilities are incorporated into the platform, saving you a great deal of time and effort with setup and integration.
Heights is a great platform that is strongly recommended for beginners and experienced online course creators alike.

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Coolest LMS and best customer service

Heights has many interesting features that Im looking for to start my business which is building courses for Vietnamese language learning. What I really care is to help students engaged, motivated and get interactions in the course. Heights has message boards, badges, challenges, assignments and projects which can boost the students' engagement. I hope they can have their own booking calendar soon so I don't have to embed the other app's link. That would be perfect! Also, their quick response to my questions make their products an A plus. Bryan even made a video for me to help me out with the booking wise. I was considering Heights and other LMS before but I found Heights meets my needs most and so far it is really worth buying.

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Taking you to new Heights!

Having been a user of Heights for a few years, I have no hesitation in recommending their awesome product. Whether you are just starting out, or you are swapping over from somewhere else, don't miss out one this deal. I have tried a lot of LMS platforms over the years and this is a no brainer. There is another great review further down the page that describes the features in detail, and I agree with those comments, and would like to add that their support is just awesome. This is why that I have boosted our Heights account by getting additional codes for our own ventures.

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Fantastic experience!

I've been searching for an LMS to bring our training courses online. We are on tight budgets, so had to do an extensive search and finally got to know about Heights! Here are the things that stood out for me.

- The features and the reasonable pricing especially from the lifetime deal standpoint
- Business model to still keep a portion on subscription (video add-on), which gave confidence that there will be a continuous connection with their support
- The options to scale when the limit exceeds
- Interactive and easy to use features
- And finally, the support from Bryan and his colleagues, was top notch and I just fell for it and decided to go ahead.

Hope this helps especially for someone thinking to decide!

To know more about what we do, you can visit us at

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Your LMS search ends here! Extra Kudos and 5+ Tacos of appreciation

Came back for 2 more codes today. Heights Platform deserves extra kudos and 5+ tacos of appreciation. Hello, my name is Gagan Sarkaria. I've bought 4 codes of Heights Platform in the last 2 years, from their first launch on Appsumo to Black Friday deals. I currently have 2 white-labeled academies on Heights Platform.

I have, like many Sumolings, bought numerous LMS platforms, tried some, refunded a few, and wasted some funds as well. Heights Platform finally is the one that has delivered above and beyond quality, ease, and features that have allowed a well-rounded LMS platform that truly works. I have had first-hand experience and success selling my courses, digital downloads, delivery of one-off services, and everything in between. I was also featured by Heights Platform for my experience and honest review on their website. I did not receive any favors or monetary accommodations for my experience with the platform and HP team. You can read what so many Course Creators, including me, have to say about Heights Platform here: Scroll down, I am the 14th creator featured on this page. :)

And watch my video testimony, alongside others, here:

Now, the juicy stuff, what and why do I love Heights Platform?
1. Fully white label.
2. Ease of building courses using the course ladder or climb feature, which is like creating an outline of what content you want to include.
3. Easily duplicate courses and content from one course/module to another.
4. Add video, audio, text, images, pdf, jpeg, or png, as embeds or upload files.
5. Protected video content that cannot be downloaded by students or members, unless you want it downloaded as a part of your course.
6. Ability to sell stand-alone courses, bundles, digital downloads, eBooks, and memberships/subscriptions all at the same time, inside one academy!
7. Email campaigns, announcements, and templates
8. Private inbox to communicate with your students
9. Message boards to build a community
10. Live challenges!
11. One of my favorites: HIDDEN COURSES.
12. Coupon codes — love it!
13. Course Launch feature to pre-sell your offerings!

If you want to see what the inside of a fully white-label heights platform looks like, you are most welcome to check out my free mini-course:

I highly, without any reservation, recommend Heights Platform for all your LMS needs. If you can envision your courses, products, and services but are struggling with how to get it all figured out, I think you will not regret getting started on Heights Platform. The platform is rich with features, and the team behind the brand and business is solid. I have had an excellent experience with Bryan, the founder, and Michelle on the team as well. <3

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It Keeps On Getting Better!

As someone who started doing courses, I never found exactly what I was looking for. I've wasted my money on so many platforms and was about to "settle" and make it work. Then comes HEIGHTS!!! I was a bit skeptical because I've invested and gotten bamboozled, but this is everything I thought I wanted and some stuff I needed that I didn't even realize. It truly is a course-building and membership paradise. I keep finding cool stuff that's probably outlined in the free course but hands-on helps me navigate better. I haven't found a platform that includes challenges, nor have I encountered a platform that allows you to bundle products and they are still counted as 1. There was a lot of thought put into creating this platform and it shows. Every single question I have is answered in record time, and the founder responds too!

While they are integrating Convertkit (hopefully soon) and other email platforms as native, you can still use a webhook. If that's the only issue, think about everything else you're getting. I have friends that I've shown the back-end of the course I'm building and they are probably going to make the switch too.

If you're on the fence, GET IT NOW! Do not hesitate. Do not let the deal expire. You won't regret it.

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5 takos so far! Solid and Reliable!

I've tried many LMS, both self-hosted and non-hosted. So far, I'm very happy with Heights. It offers a good balance of features/options and ease of setting up courses. It only took me a couple of hours to set up two courses, including landing pages, payment arrangements, etc.
I've my own video hosting platform, so I just used the embed feature to show 30 video lessons in my Height courses.

Everything is very user-friendly, simple and looks professional at the same time. I was curious about a specific topic and the team responded within an hour (crazy, right?).

I just recently bought 4 codes, so I can't give a detailed review yet, but my experience so far is really 5 takos indeed! Good job guys!

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Very close to very good

The platform has come a long way and many new features (challenges, for example) are really improving it in marked ways. If you don't have many courses, this is a great deal and I'd jump on it. If you plan on continuously creating new courses, this deal isn't nearly as strong. I noticed that we can add on unlimited courses for $19 but even their standard Basic Plan $39/month pricing level allows for unlimited courses *and* unlimited video (albeit without white labeling). That $19 add-on alone makes it annually more expensive to use than LearnDash, for example. I haven't created enough courses to provide any additional insight as without unlimited courses (which makes this a non-LTD), we simply can't use it. But if you have a limited number of 'products,' don't miss this.

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