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Huntr helps you create tailored resumes and cover letters fast with AI, fill out application forms in one click, and automatically organize your job search.

About Huntr

Huntr is a powerful job search tool that helps job seekers create tailored resumes and cover letters, fill out application forms in one click, and automatically organize their entire job search. The founders of Huntr recognized that the job search process can be overwhelming and inefficient, with job seekers often struggling to keep track of their applications, tailor their resumes for each role, and navigate the complexities of the modern hiring landscape. With Huntr, job seekers can streamline their search and increase their chances of landing interviews. The platform's AI-powered features, such as the resume builder and keyword integration, help job seekers craft resumes that are perfectly tailored to each job they apply for. The job tracker and application autofill features save time and ensure that no opportunities slip through the cracks. Huntr is designed for job seekers of all backgrounds and experience levels, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and features, Huntr empowers its users to take control of their job search and achieve their career goals.

  • Job Tracker

    Track all your job applications, interviews, documents, and more in one convenient place.

  • Save Job Details Faster

    Store all application information in one click with the Chrome Job Clipper.

  • Monitor Interview Milestones

    Easily drag and drop job applications into the interview stage on Huntr's intuitive Kanban board.

  • Manage Multiple Resumes

    Seamlessly store a unique resume and cover letter per job to easily access the correct documents during interviews.

  • Retain New Connections

    Manage your networking efforts with contact tracking.

  • Choose Jobs Close to Home

    Huntr's Map View allows you to see how close to home the companies you're interviewing at are.

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