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Create videos with text prompts

Enter any topic, and invideo AI gets to work. It generates a script, creates scenes, adds voiceovers, & tweaks the video at your command. With invideo AI as your co-pilot, engaging your audience is effortlessly simple!

About invideo AI

Invideo AI is a revolutionary video creation tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make video creation effortless and accessible to everyone. With Invideo AI, you can turn any idea or content into a compelling video in just minutes, without any prior video editing experience. The tool is designed for content creators, marketers, and anyone who wants to create engaging videos quickly and easily. Simply enter a topic or prompt, and Invideo AI gets to work, generating a script, creating scenes, adding voiceovers, and tweaking the video based on your commands. One of the standout features of Invideo AI is its ability to create videos in multiple languages. You can prompt and create videos in your preferred language or translate your video into over 30 languages with a simple text command. This makes it an ideal tool for businesses and content creators who want to reach a global audience. Invideo AI also offers a range of other powerful features, including an intuitive video editor, human-sounding voiceovers, and the ability to collaborate with others in real-time. Whether you're creating videos for social media, marketing campaigns, or personal projects, Invideo AI has everything you need to bring your ideas to life and engage your audience.

  • Text to video in minutes

    Describe your idea, optionally add details such as video length, platform, voiceover accent, and watch the video gets generated.

  • Edit with text prompts

    Make changes to the generated video with simple text commands, like asking a video editor.

  • Create in all languages

    Prompt & create in your preferred language, or translate your video into 30+ languages with a simple text command.

  • Clone voice with AI

    Your videos sound exactly like you with AI voice cloning! Save hours of recording, personalize your videos and be consistent.

  • Generate videos with nothing but ideas

    Explore a wide range of topics and activities that can be turned into videos using Invideo AI.

  • 16 mn+ stock media made discoverable with AI

    Invideo AI provides access to a vast library of stock media from leading providers like Istock, Storyblocks, and Shutterstock.

  • Make easy edits with an intuitive editor

    Invideo AI provides an intuitive video editing interface for easy editing of media, text, and transitions.

  • Human-sounding voiceovers to bring your videos to life

    Invideo AI offers a range of human-sounding voiceovers to enhance the narration in videos.

  • Collaborate in real-time with multiplayer editing

    Invideo AI will soon offer a feature for multiple users to collaborate on video projects in real-time.

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