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About Klu

Imagine a world where you could find any piece of information you need, no matter where it's stored - whether it's an email, a Slack message, a Notion page, or a file in Google Drive. That's the reality Klu brings to life. Klu is a powerful AI-driven search engine that seamlessly connects all your work apps, allowing you to search and access your data from a single, intuitive interface. Say goodbye to the frustration of jumping between platforms, hunting for that elusive document or conversation. With Klu, you can simply type in a query and let the AI do the heavy lifting, surfacing the exact information you need in an instant. But Klu is more than just a search tool. It's a productivity powerhouse that empowers you to dive deeper into your data, engaging in dynamic conversations with your files, emails, and notes. Whether you're a busy executive, a diligent project manager, or a creative professional, Klu is designed to be your indispensable digital assistant, helping you stay organized, informed, and focused on what truly matters.

  • Smart Search

    Experience instant, AI-powered results across all your apps with Klu's Smart Search.

  • Chat AI

    Engage in chat with your data using Klu AI Chat and uncover insights.

  • Time-saving

    Boost your workflow with Klu and focus on what truly matters.

  • Accessibility

    Use Klu as a web app or enhance your browsing with our Chrome extension.

  • Secured Data

    Find attachments in Gmail, notes in Slack, or documents in Drive with Klu's seamless search.

  • Integration

    Find attachments in Gmail, notes in Slack, or documents in Drive with Klu's seamless search.

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