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About Konnectify

Konnectify is a powerful automation platform that helps businesses of all sizes connect their apps and streamline their workflows. The tool exists to solve the problem of data silos and disconnected systems, which can lead to inefficiency, errors, and lost productivity. The target audience for Konnectify includes teams across various departments, such as sales, marketing, product, finance, operations, and HR. These teams often rely on multiple tools and applications to get their work done, and Konnectify provides a way to integrate these tools and automate repetitive tasks. The value proposition of Konnectify is that it allows users to connect their apps in minutes, build elaborate workflows with custom logic and conditions, and deliver native integrations at 10x speed. This helps businesses save time, reduce errors, and maximize the value of their existing tools and applications.

  • Filters

    Add conditional logic to your integrations and ensure data flows between your connected apps exactly how and when you need it to.

  • Paths

    Chart multiple paths for your dynamic workflows.

  • Formatter

    Convert formats, extract and split your data.

  • Webhooks

    Integrate external triggers into your workflows.

  • Smart Forms

    Build custom forms with a no-code Form Builder.

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