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Legaliser streamlines your contract management by offering comprehensive AI analysis, intuitive drafting tools, and a diverse range of templates.

About Legaliser

Legaliser simplifies contract management with AI-powered analysis, intuitive drafting tools, and a diverse template library. Streamline your legal workflows, enhance compliance, and close deals faster. Empower your team to navigate complex contracts with ease, freeing up time for strategic priorities. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Legaliser is the AI assistant that revolutionizes how you handle your legal agreements. With Legaliser, you can quickly summarize key contract details, assess compliance, and receive targeted suggestions to refine your documents. Access a comprehensive template library to accelerate drafting, and collaborate seamlessly with AI-guided edits. Legaliser is the all-in-one solution that transforms your legal operations, enabling you to focus on what matters most - growing your business. Experience the power of AI-driven contract management today. Streamline your workflows, mitigate risks, and unlock new levels of efficiency with Legaliser.

  • AI-Summarized Contracts

    AI summarizes contracts and chats, highlighting key points and obligations.

  • Comprehensive Clause Ratings

    Automatically evaluates clauses for compliance and enhancements.

  • Template Contracts Library

    Offers a wide range of customizable, AI-enhanced legal templates.

  • Documents Organization

    Customizable folders to organize contracts and documents.

  • AI-Powered Contract Edits

    Provides AI recommendations to refine contract clauses.

  • Collaborative Document Editing

    Supports AI-guided collaborative drafting in a Google Docs-like setting.

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