Maximize visitor retention live link previews show linked content on your webpages, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates

About is a powerful tool that helps website owners and bloggers keep their visitors engaged and on their site. With's live link previews, visitors can instantly see the content of any linked website, video, or article right on the page they're viewing. This solves a common problem for website owners - when visitors click on a link, they often get distracted and end up leaving the site entirely.'s immersive previews allow visitors to explore linked content without ever leaving the original page, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement. is perfect for any website, blog, or e-commerce store that wants to provide a seamless, distraction-free experience for their visitors. Whether you're sharing a YouTube video, a Spotify playlist, or an in-depth article, makes it easy for your audience to preview and interact with the content without losing their place on your site.

  • Rich Link Previews upgrades hyperlinks to show rich media content previews when clicked.

  • Article Link Previews

    Preview blogs, news, guides, and more when clicking on article links.

  • File Viewer

    Preview PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other file types when clicking on links.

  • Automatic Link Previews

    Automatically generate link previews when hovering over links.

  • Supported Websites supports over 1,000 websites for rich link previews.

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