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Research 10X Faster Without Missing a Beat

Skim Through News & Articles Effortlessly Quickly Grasp Complex Research Insights Summarize lengthy PDF in Seconds Retrieve your saved content, no organization needed

About Linnk AI

Linnk AI is a powerful web research assistant and PDF summarizer that helps professionals accelerate their research and knowledge acquisition by 10x. The tool provides instant insights, concise summaries, and content navigation, all powered by AI. With Linnk, users can skim through news articles and lengthy online essays effortlessly, quickly grasp complex research insights, and summarize lengthy PDF files in seconds. The tool automatically saves the user's research process for future reference, creating a personalized knowledge base. Linnk's key features include cross-language summarization, in-depth analysis of PDFs, and a context-aware browser extension that allows users to interact with web pages directly without the need to copy and paste. The tool empowers professionals across industries, from researchers and academics to business leaders and consultants, by accelerating their insight acquisition and knowledge creation.

  • Key Insights

    Get to the heart of content quickly with core concepts revealed instantly.

  • Cross Languages

    Summarize into any language while referencing original texts.

  • Summary & Abstract

    Summarize, condense, and extract vital information from web pages and PDFs.

  • Knowledge Base

    Automatically saves your research process for future reference.

  • Analyze PDFs

    Work with super long and complex online essays and local PDF files, by guided reading and insightful inquiries.

  • Browser Extension

    Context-aware - It's right on the browser. No need to copy and paste into a chat window.

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Platforms supported

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

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