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The best teams use Lyssna so they can deeply understand their audience and move in the right direction — faster.

About Lyssna

Lyssna is the go-to user research platform for teams who want to deeply understand their audience and make data-driven decisions faster. With Lyssna, you can easily create a range of usability tests, conduct user interviews, and gather valuable insights through surveys - all in one place. Whether you're an experienced researcher or just getting started, Lyssna makes it simple to uncover the voice of your customers. Our wide range of testing methodologies, on-demand research panel, and pre-designed templates help you quickly gather the insights you need to optimize your product, refine your pricing, and enhance your marketing campaigns. Join over 320,000 marketers, designers, and product leaders who trust Lyssna to bring the voice of their audience into every decision. Get started for free today and start making more informed, customer-centric choices that drive real business impact.

  • Usability Testing

    Evaluate your product's ease of use with a wide range of testing methodologies.

  • User Interviews

    Easily recruit, schedule, and track user interviews with one tool.

  • Surveys

    Make confident decisions by asking questions and validating your assumptions.

  • Research Panel

    Get on-demand access to 530,000+ panelists. Target by more than 35 demographics.

  • Market Research

    Talk to your target audience to understand their needs, preferences, and overall market trends.

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