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About MainWP

MainWP is the ultimate WordPress management solution, designed to simplify the lives of agencies, developers, and freelancers who juggle multiple WordPress sites. This self-hosted plugin puts you in complete control, allowing you to manage all your WordPress sites from a single, powerful dashboard. With MainWP, you can effortlessly update your sites, track costs, monitor performance, and even extend its functionality with a wide range of extensions. Say goodbye to the hassle of updating each site individually and embrace the efficiency of centralized WordPress management. MainWP's commitment to privacy and security sets it apart from other WordPress management tools. Your data stays yours, with total data sovereignty to protect your operations. Plus, MainWP's robust security protocols, including OpenSSL encryption and SHA-256 signature verification, ensure your sites are safe and secure.

  • Sites Management

    Effortlessly manage and monitor all your WordPress sites from a single, powerful dashboard. The Sites module streamlines your workflow, ensuring easy access and complete control over each site.

  • 1-Click Plugins & Themes Management

    Install, activate, deactivate, delete, and update plugins and themes across all your managed WordPress sites with just a few clicks.

  • Updates Management

    Easily manage WordPress core, plugin, theme, and translation updates across all your sites from a centralized dashboard.

  • Client Management

    Organize and manage client information within MainWP, including creating client profiles, assigning sites, and controlling access.

  • Users Management

    Easily create, edit, and manage user accounts across all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

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Wouldn't Run My WP Business Without This!

I've been developing and managing WordPress sites for well over 20 years. Updates have always been a hassle—that is until I found MainWP. I set up my server on Hetzner Cloud and tried the free version for a couple of weeks. I was sold! I upgraded to the Pro version and haven't looked back! I'm currently running 50+ sites through the system, and it works flawlessly!

Jun 25, 2024
Jyll Stuart
Jyll Stuart
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