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All in one site: web analytics, blog content, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, publication planner, real-time and more. Finally all the information that matters in an easy and intuitive tool.

About Metricool

Metricool is the ultimate all-in-one social media management tool that helps professionals, agencies, and brands of all sizes streamline their digital marketing efforts. With Metricool, users can simplify, automate, and unify their social media tasks - from scheduling and publishing content, to analyzing performance, managing ads, and generating reports. The platform's intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy for anyone, regardless of their skills or resources, to establish a strong online presence and connect with their target audience. The key value proposition of Metricool is that it saves users time, energy, and resources by providing a centralized hub for all their social media activities. By consolidating tools and automating processes, Metricool empowers its users to focus on what really matters - creating engaging content, building relationships with their followers, and driving business growth.

  • Social Media Planner

    Schedule months' worth of content across multiple social networks.

  • Analytics

    Measure your results with intuitive graphs and reports.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Analyze your competitors' performance and identify opportunities.

  • Inbox Management

    Reply to comments and messages from all your social networks in one place.

  • Approval System

    Allow your clients to review and approve your scheduled content.

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70 reviews
Metricool - One of the most complete social scheduling toools

This is one great app tool for scheduling posts in social accounts.

Jun 25, 2024
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Refund requested

I like and use this program, so I decided to use the sumo day promo to go from a free to a premium license. The problem is that I cannot transfer my setup. This would take a few hours, and in the end, I would lose my existing data. When I explained this to Metricool on chat, I got some smart-arse. So I cancelled my purchase and stick with the free.

Having said that its a very good piece of marketing software which I like a lot.

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Bought for the analytics, stayed for the features

I discovered Metricool because I was looking for a single source for all my analytics, but once I started using this, I found this to be the single source for all my social media needs - strategy, boasting, measuring, automation. They post great videos and blog posts to learn how to use it, and I am really happy to have found this.

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Customizable Reports are not really customizable

I bought this tool because I was interested in the analytics part – especially in the "automatically generate custom reports". So...I expected the reports to be customizable – but they are not. At least not in the PRO License you buy here.

To customize the reports you have to upgrade to a TEAM License – which is 3x the price. With the Team Licence comes more brand-slots and more scheduled posts per month, but if you are mainly interested (like me) in the custom reports, then you don't need that.

Yes, you can download a ppt-Version of your report and customise it by hand, but that is not what I hoped to get out of a "automatically generated custom report".

It's a shame, because the tool has actually made a good impression so far - but the non-customizable reports are a deal breaker for me. The only standard template available is far too colorful and overloaded for my (and my clients) taste, and it's also only available in 4:3 format.

So keep that in mind if you look (mainly) for a automatic report tool.
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Fantastic tool

We tried quite a few of the other social media management tools and this one just worked. It did everything it said it could - and it did it well. The analytics/reporting tool is phenomenal. Well worth the price. Cannot recommend it enough!

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Heads up that the IG Link has a caveat

I signed up for Metricool because of the analytics, but more importantly because of the excellent Instagram link page. I was excited to see that Metricool is in the works to get IG autopost approval, but figured that I would keep my Planoly account for the time being and then add links to my page once Planoly sent the post.

Unfortunately, I've found out that the feed on the IG link will not refresh on its own and add new content unless you put it into their Planning calendar first, so if you use something else to autopost (like Planoly or Later) IG content, the IG link page is effectively useless.

It's a real shame and it seems like this would be something that shouldn't be dependent on scheduling posts via their Planning tool (which, again, cannot yet post directly to Instagram so means an extra step). So just heads up for those who thought they could have the best of both worlds while waiting for Metricool to get approval from FB/IG, your Instagram link page isn't going to work as planned.

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Promising - would help my whole team

Got the deal and it sure looks great. Nice clean, interface. Seems to take a complex environment and break it down clearly. Set up has been straightforward and well-guided. The unlimited users part will be excellent for our team.

I notice the connection set-ups tend to spin a long time before they complete, so I suggest patience. They do eventually complete. Could just be server load, or communications with the social media channel taking a while.

We haven't done any post scheduling or major tracking reviews yet, but this is really promising. Looking forward to using Metricool!

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Totally cool

I've purchased 5 codes which gets me 40 brands and a whole bunch of profiles. I was using another AppSumo platform for social media management and analysis but it was dependent on you using that application to post, it wouldn't look at historical data or anything posted manually.

So far, so good. It's easy to set up, the data is there pretty quickly and it has a nice UI that's really easy to understand.

If you add the wrong profile to a brand, by accident, and then disconnect it and connect the correct one, for some reason the data stays from the wrong one...I had to delete a brand and re-add it to resolve it. That's the only bug I've encountered. Everything else has been really easy.

It's so easy to use, anyone could work with Metricool.
Reports - white labelling is great, they're easy to work with and customise.
Price - in my opinion this is a bargain. If
Uniqueness - There are a whole bunch of programs like this. It comes down to preference. I love the seamless UI, simplicity of use and how it handles historical data. This is my data and social media management tool of choice from here.

LinkedIn personal profile analytics - Juan mentioned it's coming once they get a permission from LinkedIn. This is a huge part of my job and a massive channel for me, so I'm keen to have this feature.
Reports - I'd like to be able to build a dashboard for each account. If this is possible, I'm yet to find it but I haven't come across it yet.

I'd highly recommend Metricool.

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Bonjour à tous,
J’avais planifié d’utiliser buffer. Puis j’!ai découvert metricool; Et je peux manager très facilement les réseaux sociaux qui sont liés à mes trois sites Web. Quel gain de temp ! L’interface est intuitive et j’ai découvert qu’ils ont une extension buffer et une app IOS. Je recommande vivement métricool qui est devenu aujourd’hui mon social média manager pour scruter et planifier mes posts :-)
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Mature SaaS with Monthly customers? Oh Yeah!

This is one of the deals of the year. With 5 years on the market and a base of recurring customers, this is one of the best purchases ever.
Support is very responsive and the app is really great. Probably one of the best tools for social media and with for that price?
I would be mad if not stacking.

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I have been looking for and testing Social Media management tools for some time.
Metricool was no different.
I did the tests and it was really cool, the guys are great and I believe they will greatly improve this tool that already has great achievements.
I only regret not being able to get more codes, because the exchange rate here in my country is almost six times the value.
Very happy.

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Pretty Solid Tool

I really wasn't needing another tool like this, should be saving money. But Metricool has good reports, has a bunch of good features and the FOMO hit me. So I got one code, which for me is plenty.

If your on the fence about this one, quickly sign up for a free account, have a play and see if it fits for your situation.

The only 2 areas I would like to improve upon for me personally are:
- when creating just a one off post, but posting to multiple social channels, I'd like to be able to click a button and modify each one to suit the channel, this is something I can do easily in another tool and would be great to have that functionality here.

- they really need to work out the FB groups thing, because picking just a page or a group when adding them seems like a crazy thing. If this was sorted, and you could pick both, or multiple groups, I think a lot more people would have jumped on this deal.

Anyways, it seems like a solid platform, everything works as it should, time will tell if this is my go to tool for scheduling. But I'm liking the reports it shows. No buyers remorse from me at this stage.

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