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Generate and customize high-quality background music with AI. Designed for all creators. 100% royalty-free.

About MixAudio

MixAudio is a multimodal AI music generator that allows creators to express their musical imagination and generate high-quality background music for their projects. The product is designed for all creators, from hobbyists to professionals, and offers 100% royalty-free music. The key focus of MixAudio is to empower creators with an easy-to-use tool that can generate personalized music based on their preferences. Users can craft their music by providing text prompts, images, or audio samples, and the AI engine will generate a unique track that matches the desired mood and style. The product's value proposition is to provide creators with a seamless and efficient way to incorporate music into their projects, without the hassle of licensing or producing it themselves. MixAudio aims to be a one-stop-shop for all creators' music needs, whether they're working on videos, podcasts, or any other creative endeavor.

  • Multimodal AI Music Generation

    MixAudio is a multimodal AI music generator that can create high-quality background music, remixes, and radio-style music by using text, images, and audio as input.

  • Royalty-Free Music

    All music generated by MixAudio is 100% royalty-free, allowing users to download and use the music in their projects without any licensing fees or restrictions.

  • Text-to-Music

    MixAudio's text-to-music feature allows users to generate music by simply describing the mood, theme, or scene they want to create.

  • Image-to-Music

    Users can also generate music by providing an image that represents the desired musical style or atmosphere.

  • Audio-to-Music

    MixAudio can create music that matches the vibe of a provided audio clip, allowing users to generate complementary music for their existing audio content.

  • Mobile App

    MixAudio is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android, allowing users to generate and access their music on-the-go.

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What everyone's saying

8 reviews
Deleted It

Product was not what I was looking for. AI music generator failed to make Country Music for radio.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Great ideas, not so great music

It has great ideas, and they are well implemented.
But in the end, the generated music isn’t usable.
When my prompt includes “high energy” and 125bpm, but the result is anything but, then why bother.
The separate stems and individual loops are a powerful tool, but too often the different sections didn’t gel well, and the transition between them was obvious.
Same with the AI radio. Great idea in itself, but the generated music isn’t great.
The remix tool is pretty cool, but some of the sections didn’t transition well.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Rap Sumo

Well, though I am not getting as good sound quality as the two current leaders in the space, I can appreciate all the work that went into what is actually functioning. The 4 generations and their variations are a plus. Some features on this App could lay the ground work for some serious jamming in the future. Other features oh this App, though still young lay a good foundation for cracking some stems in the future. Definitely far better than the other AI music generators I've purchased on App Sumo.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Good AI tool

- Create 4 tracks at once, easier to choose from than other platforms that only create 2.
- The 4 tracks are really different so it's easy to make a satisfactory choice.
- separated into different types of instruments (tracks) so it's quite interesting and easy to modify.
- You can change the time as you like within 5 minutes.
- Creating music from prompts, photos,... is also quite interesting.

Hope to add:
- .wav format download.
- Supports creating hz frequency music like soundful.
- create Tier 3 for studio package.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Excellent tool Powerful AI Music Creation

MixAudio is an incredibly impressive and easy-to-use AI music generation tool. It allows you to create original music tracks in seconds just by providing a text prompt, image, or audio sample. The AI engine analyzes your input and generates a unique, professional-quality music track that matches the mood, style and feel you are going for.

I've been blown away by the quality and variety of the music MixAudio can create. Whether I enter a description like "upbeat electronic dance track" or upload a photo of a sunset on the beach, it generates a song that perfectly captures that vibe. The tracks sound very polished and professional, with full instrumentation and structure. You can easily customize things like the track length, instruments used, and tempo to dial in exactly the kind of music you need.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Interesting project but not giving ownership on AI creations is a NO-NO

I think the project is interesting. It might need some maturity to achieve great results, but I believe it is on the right track. I would keep it and take the risk, but in my opinion, AI generations should always be owned by the user who created them. In this case, they only give a limited license and that pushed me back. That´s why I´m refunding.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Easy audio generation and remixing

It was simple and enjoyable to use, even for a non-technical person.

Just type in text or upload images, URLs, or music to reference.

The simple and intuitive editing features made it easy to change anything I didn't like.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com
Not there, yet - sadly refunded...

As a content creator, I've played around with a number of similar tools/platforms, and I was looking forward to using this one.

I bought the Professional licence and played around with it, unfortunately, it's not living up to the hype and I don't think it's there, yet...

Using YT URLs is somewhat hit-and-miss and the results are clunky and feel like several different tracks that don't fit together piled on top of each other.

The radio feature is nice, but the tracks it generates are rather short, and I ended up playing a (FREE) YT radio station instead.

By all means, go for it and try it out with the knowledge that you're backed by AppSumo and can always refund (which I did after less than 1hr playing around with the tool).

In addition, rather frustratingly, I did get a lot of error messages where it wouldn't finish generation. That may have been due to limited bandwidth whilst everyone else is buying/trying it out - but ultimately, it does get frustrating after a while.

So, if a tool doesn't light my fire after an hour's use, it's probably not going to live up to the hype. I will gladly reconsider this when it returns to AppSumo - but for now I will have to give it a miss. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to like it...

Giving it a generous 2 tacos because I like the idea.

Purchased from: AppSumo.com

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