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All your notes, bookmarks, inspiration, articles and images in one single, private place.

About mymind

Introducing mymind - the revolutionary tool that's transforming the way we organize and access our most precious thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. In a world where our digital lives are scattered across countless platforms, mymind offers a refreshingly simple solution. It's a private oasis where you can save and seamlessly retrieve everything that matters to you - from notes and bookmarks to articles and images. No more wasted time searching through endless folders or struggling to remember where you stored that brilliant idea. mymind's intuitive design and powerful AI-driven features make it effortless to capture and recall your most valuable mental treasures. Whether you're a marketer seeking creative inspiration, a writer in need of a distraction-free workspace, or simply someone who wants to regain control of their digital life, mymind is the tool that can help you thrive. With mymind, you'll never again lose track of the things that fuel your passions and drive your success. It's the extension of your mind that you never knew you needed - a trusted companion that puts your thoughts and ideas at your fingertips, wherever you go.

  • Frictionless Notetaking

    Ideas no longer slip away. Take quick notes on the go and enter Focus Mode to expand on them later. Clean and simple.

  • Smart Bookmarking

    No URL is treated uniquely. Recognizes articles, products, books, or recipes. Links are saved beautifully for clarity.

  • Read Without Distractions

    Save articles to read without clutter, ads, or pop-ups. mymind removes distractions for focused reading.

  • Instant Collections

    Create Smart Spaces that auto-sort your saved items. Your mind intuitively organizes content.

  • Take Your Mind With You

    Access all your content across devices. Keep notes, bookmarks, and inspiration in one private place.

  • Find Text Within Images

    Search for keywords in images, memes, or handwritten notes. mymind reads images to find text.

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