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Sleek signature ✍️

Solid software!

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Just Loved it!

Honestly, I only review tools that truly impress me. This one definitely falls into that category. It's incredibly user-friendly with a fantastic interface and experience. There's no learning curve, and you can create stunning signatures and bio pages in no time. I absolutely love it!

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Best signature creator

Absolutely love Mysignature. So many options for fun and professional signatures and very customizable. Would recommend

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Great Looking Signatures

I am likeing all of the different options I have to make my signature stand out.

I have a link that I need to be able to include and I'm not sure how... I'm not sure what the field value needs to be for a link to work?

BUT overall a sweet program

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Simple & Very Effective

This was quick and easy to install but has made a huge difference to the impression I give on my emails. Great product!

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Awesome purchase

I purchased this deal some time last year, and I didn't get around to creating my signatures until recently. I like how the signatures look, and I'm sooooo glad that it provides HTML code so I can use them with my mail client. If this deal is given again, I highly recommend it. Also, the developers should offer a lifetime deal on their website instead of a monthly subscription.

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Bait and switch based on appsumo purchase

The product looked to have a solid future, and when asked, all future upgrades were supposed to be given to those who purchased the tier 2 plan, but now that they offer Google workspace integration, they are calling it a "new" product and therefore not available to appsumo purchasers. The product itself is ehh at best, but with the integration, it would have been worth it... not any more. I'll go back to my previous product.

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The service is essentially useless. Using the free HubSpot generator yields the exact same results. Furthermore, the signatures lack dynamism, meaning that if you make any changes, you'll need to re-upload them across all platforms. Additionally, the integration with Microsoft Outlook is subpar.

Let's say you have ten employees and need to update a piece of common information. You'd have to make the change ten times in the portal, then have each of the ten employees log in and manually update everything.

This is simply impractical and makes no sense.

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It allows for only 1 signature with the AppSumo Plan. Not worth it!

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This is a great time saver program!

This program is really helpful for people who don't want to spend too much time trying to make Outlook align your signature, website and all the other things you want in it. I have had way to many arguments with outlook so when I saw this product and the price I thought, why not? I am really happy with it. I love programs that just "work" as I am not very technology minded, so this was perfect, lots of different options and its so easy as it prompts you every step of the way, I have used this multiple times now, and I recommend this!

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Can't Login Or Import Signature

Copy paste signature = Gmail error for being too long
Workaround - use their chrome extension to import instead - except you can't login via login details or Gmail credentials


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