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Build and integrate custom AI agent to automate any workflow in minutes — no code required.

About NexusGPT

Introducing NexusGPT, the revolutionary AI assistant that's here to transform the way you work. Imagine having a tireless, intelligent copilot that can automate any workflow, handle tedious tasks, and even strategize complex projects - all without a single line of code. NexusGPT is built on the premise that powerful AI shouldn't be limited to tech giants or coding experts. With its intuitive interface and no-code approach, anyone can create their own custom AI agent in minutes, tailored to their unique needs and workflows. Whether you're in sales, customer support, marketing, or any other field, NexusGPT empowers you to put your work on autopilot and focus on what truly matters. The secret lies in NexusGPT's modular design. By combining your own knowledge, pre-built tasks, and a vast marketplace of integrations, you can craft an AI agent that's as unique as your business. It's like having a highly specialized assistant that can handle everything from customer inquiries to research and analysis, freeing you up to be more creative, strategic, and productive than ever before.

  • Ready-made Agents

    Our ever-growing agent marketplace helps you buy and sell ready-made agents finetuned by specialists.

  • Auto Planning and Execution

    Nexus agents do much more than simple execution, they are autonomous and can complete complex objectives by planning and executing.

  • Marketplace of 1,500+ Tools

    Expand your agent capabilities by selecting one of thousands of existing tools and integrations.

  • Finetune Your Agent with Ease

    Craft an Agent that echoes you and understands your tasks by providing examples.

  • Integrate with Existing Apps

    Don't be bound by the Nexus interface and integrate your agent where it really matters for your work, from your own website to Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

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  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

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