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WOW, Good Bye Woo..

I first heard about North Commerce from a YouTube video a few months ago and decided to check it out. When I saw it on AppSumo, I took a closer look and ended up purchasing a tier 2 license. I was curious about how well it would integrate with Bricks Builder. While watching more YouTube videos, I discovered they offer a Bricks add-on plugin that makes integration with Bricks and a query loop incredibly smooth. Unlike WooCommerce, which often requires endless plugins, North Commerce offers many really cool unique capabilities, filters and sorting. They are very active on their Discord channel and open to customer feedback. I've now decided to fully invest in this WooCommerce alternative with a tier 4 license. Keep the integrations coming—I would love to see a no-code integration like Pabbly added.

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Looks very promising

WooCommerce is okay, but it feels so limiting and dated sometimes. Nort Commerce promises to be a much more modern and ready-to-use solution. I have to be honest - it is still quite early and misses some features. But the future looks bright in my opinion. I think such a plugin was missing for a long time.

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Don't think twice... One of the best e-commerce WordPress plugins...

Kelly is so helpful in answering all my questions, which means a lot to me. I like North Commerce; I know it's a game changer in comparison to Woo Commerce and other plugins.

The UI is awesome; it's simple to set up your e-commerce site on the fly. I use Stripe all the time, so I am happy it came with features, and I hope to get Tier 3.

With the roadmap we discussed for the coming update, I can't wait to enjoy all those new features.

Thank you, Kelly and your team... Good luck with sales, and I recommend North Commerce.

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Promising Future for NorthCommerce as a WooCommerce Alternative

I've been testing NorthCommerce as a potential replacement for WooCommerce, attracted primarily by its promise of simplicity, speed, and a comprehensive feature set right out of the box. Indeed, the WordPress plugin is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, marking a stark contrast to the often complicated and plugin-heavy ecosystem surrounding WooCommerce. Right off the bat, NorthCommerce impresses with its performance improvements and the elimination of the need for numerous additional plugins to achieve basic and intermediate ecommerce functionalities.

However, as with any young product, NorthCommerce is still in its growth phase and lacks some features critical for my specific needs. For instance, the support for digital products and more extensive integration with automation platforms like SureTriggers or Bit Integrations are areas that currently fall short. While webhooks offer a level of automation, the process lacks the convenience and visual appeal of creating automations directly within the platform. This ability to easily set up and manage automations is essential for scaling and managing an online business efficiently, at least in my opinion.

Despite these shortcomings, I am optimistic about the future of NorthCommerce. While it might not yet be ready for my production needs, the solid foundation it offers, combined with its superior performance and ease of use, positions it as a strong contender against established players like WooCommerce or SureCart in the coming years.

Therefore, I've decided to invest in NorthCommerce, supporting the developers as they refine and expand the plugin's capabilities. I believe that, with time and community support, NorthCommerce has the potential to transform into a leading ecommerce solution, offering a simplified, powerful alternative for online retailers. My anticipation for its evolution is high, and I eagerly await the addition of the missing features that will make it the perfect fit for my online endeavors.

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Great UI - Very Easy to use but a long way to go

Setup was simple and straightforward but there is too much lacking at the moment.

- Tax: California has over 540+ tax zones and right now there is only a way to set a fixed tax rate. This for me is the deal breaker and unfortunately will have to return to this product at a later date.
- No Search of Filter options for products. I have a lot of stores with 300+ products
- No Digital Products
- Lacking a range of Payment Gateways
- No Import options from Woo

On the product description it shows it's launched since 2021.

I believe that it is a good product and will grow - I love the UI. But it's not production ready. My customers would be upset with me if I messed up their tax collections. Their current solution is to use TaxJar on the Roadmap. This defeats the purpose of being a low cost alternative if tax jar charges $350 per 1000 transactions to calculate taxes annually.

I wish Kelley and his team the best of luck! I'll check back in a year to see the progress. Hopefully the AS campaign will allow them to have funding to be production ready.

Here is a comparison between Vanilla WC vs Vanilla NC:

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North Commerce: The New Kid on the Block Taking on E-commerce Giants

Imagine someone with a bold idea trying to achieve the impossible. That's what North Commerce is all about. It's like the classic David and Goliath story, where David is taking on a giant. But in this case, it's not just one giant - North Commerce is battling two behemoths: WooCommerce and Shopify.

WooCommerce is massive platform, but it hasn't been properly supported for years. You can do everything with it, but it'll require a lot of patience and knowledge.
The hardest part is choosing the right add-ons (plugins). Trust me, you'll need a lot of them! And the list can get really long!
Woocmmence +1 plugin
Stripe payment +1 plugin
PayPal payment +1 plugin
Subscription +1 plugin
Automation +1 plugin

Shopify, on the other hand, is positioned at the opposite end of the spectrum. It boasts user-friendliness accompanied by exceptional support. However, it is worth noting that while it offers convenience, its pricing can be rather steep (very steep), and its customization options are restricted.

This is where North Commerce comes in. They have a vision for a platform that combines the power of WooCommerce with the ease of Shopify. They're still young, but they're building a strong foundation. With the right features, they could become a major player in the future!

Here are some improvements that could make them even more popular:
1. Sell digital products: (They're already working on this, which is great!)
2. More payment options: Give customers more ways to pay.
3. Print-on-demand integration: This is a huge market, and a built-in solution would be a game-changer.
4. Native integrations with popular website builders: Make it easy to create beautiful stores with tools like Bricks, Divi, and Gutenberg.

The Future is Bright!
North Commerce is a company to watch. With a focus on user experience and innovation, they have the potential to disrupt the e-commerce landscape. As a Tier 4 supporter!, I'm excited to see what they do next!

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Looks promising; but what a challenge they have ahead!

The UX for North Commerce is sleek and sexy. It's snappy and doesn't feel burdened down like some EComm plugins cause. My hope is for a massive development push, though, because - to compete against WooCommerce - they're going to need it.

NorthCommerce has already made a number of waves in the Bricks builder community because it was built with Bricks integration from the get go (or close to the get go), and - as much as I'd love my preferred builders to be integrated too - the big thing they need is going to be feature development.

WooCommerce has such a massive (and, often, shitty and expensive) plugin ecosystem already, you can do almost anything with it as long as you don't mind shelling out godawful amounts of money on plugins (or going grey-market with GPL sites and the like). North Commerce has to make up a ton of development or get some plugin developers on board. The danger with this is that they may end up getting pulled in too many different directions and do several things poorly instead of focusing on their core and doing that exceptionally well. We've all seen it happen, though I sincerely hope it doesn't happen here.

If Kelley and the team focus on what's excellent (and almost-excellent) about their product, expand the functionality carefully and methodically, and are able to drive either significant third-party plugin development (or a lot of in-house development), then this could be a contender for one of the eCommerce powerhouses.

I, for one, am banking that they'll do it well. Max stack. Let's see where this goes.

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This is a 10 Taco Product

I have used a ton of WordPress Ecom plugins and none are as easy and intuitive as North Commerce. I was beyond excited when I saw it was running as an AppSumo deal. I purchased a license directly from North Commerce in the past which is why I know how great it is, as I have used it on a site already. So with the Appsumo deal it was a no brainer to grab licenses for a few other sites I want to update and build! If you are unsure just get the damn thing!

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