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NoteGPT - YouTube Video Summarizer, PDF Summary, PPT Summary, Image Summaries, and more. Create PPTs, Mindmaps, and Notes with NoteGPT AI. Improve your learning efficiency by 10x.

About NoteGPT

NoteGPT is the ultimate AI-powered learning companion, designed to revolutionize the way you consume and retain information. Imagine a tool that can summarize any content - from YouTube videos to PDFs and beyond - in just seconds, giving you a 20-second overview of everything you need to know. Whether you're a student, professional, or lifelong learner, NoteGPT is here to save you time and boost your productivity. With its powerful AI capabilities, you can quickly grasp complex topics, generate mind maps to visualize key concepts, and even engage in AI-powered conversations to deepen your understanding. NoteGPT is the solution for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available today. By providing you with concise, AI-generated summaries, you can focus on what truly matters, without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. Say goodbye to hours spent sifting through content, and hello to a more efficient, effective learning experience.

  • Summarize Any Content

    Quickly get YouTube Summaries, PDF Summaries, Article Summaries, PPT Summaries, Image Summaries, and more. Easily grasp complex content.

  • Generate AI Mind Map

    Use NoteGPT AI to create mind maps from uploaded content, helping you grasp the overall structure of the information.

  • Chatting with AI Assistant

    Use AI Chat to converse with an AI assistant for deeper understanding and further explanations of all content.

  • AI Convert to Text (Timestamped Transcript)

    Extract all content with 1-click, including timestamped transcriptions, to easily browse key information and enhance accessibility.

  • Note-taking with Auto Snap

    Capture key information while watching videos with Auto Snap and note-taking, recording thoughts and ideas anytime.

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