Intelligent vendor and document management made for modern teams

Omi offers a centralized platform for complete oversight and management of your finances, contracts, and vendors with simple onboarding and powerful controls.

About Omi

Omi is a powerful platform that revolutionizes the way modern teams manage their finances, contracts, and vendors. Designed with efficiency and transparency in mind, Omi offers a centralized hub to streamline your operations and gain complete oversight over your business expenditures. No more scattered contracts, unclear renewal dates, or lack of financial insights. Omi consolidates all your critical information in one place, automatically tracking renewals and providing actionable data to help you make informed decisions. Its intuitive interface and powerful controls empower you to embed your financial protocols into every purchase request, ensuring meticulous cash flow management and compliance. Whether you're in finance, procurement, operations, or compliance, Omi has a solution tailored to your needs. Automate your workflows, gain real-time visibility into your spend, and collaborate seamlessly on contracts - all without the hassle of juggling multiple systems. Omi is the single source of truth your team has been searching for, transforming the way you manage your business.

  • Intake and Procurement

    Automate your operations processes and establish a unified entry point for purchase requests to achieve early visibility into all business expenses.

  • Contract and Vendor Management

    SaaS management, contract management, and spend management in one platform.

  • Financial Controls

    Embed your financial protocols into every purchase and request, ensuring meticulous cash flow management through invoice reconciliation, seamless accounting integration, and efficient payment orchestration.

  • Insights and Intelligence

    Easily explore categories, access benchmarks, and analyze trends within minutes, empowering insightful spend analysis.

  • Vendor Relationship Management

    Stay on top of vendor relationships and change management with automated controls.

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