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Not ready for prime time.

I bought Tier 3 and tried it. Didn't like the UI or the lack of integrations. Not enough features for productivity. Refunded.

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Very early first impressions but wow! An incredible complete development solution. I find the mock server for testing and managing APIs will be particularly useful :) The screenshot to code solution is also very useful. I will update later, but wanted to express how impressive this overall team development platform is on first impressions.

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Great for dev teams

Very cool app, but definitely needs UI improvements. When you click on something it takes a while for the UI to react. I'm not sure if it's performance on the backend or frontend, but there should at least be a UI indicator that something is happening.

Deal is worth it alone for the chat and API functionalities (which would replace Postman)

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Very Early Review - But so far enjoying more than Slack

This goes so much further than Slack for us. We are already using for development and for general use. No glitches and the desktop app is good to work with. Tried a few in the past, but this as just a Slack replacement is good .. but as a development collaboration tool .. (again after 24 hours use) ... excellent. Looking forward to the OneDatabase :)

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