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Popups, Website Personalization and A/B Testing in one suite.

About Personizely

Personizely is a powerful conversion marketing platform that helps businesses transform their websites into high-performing sales machines. With its suite of intuitive tools, Personizely empowers companies to engage with their visitors in meaningful ways, driving increased conversions and revenue. At the heart of Personizely's offering are its versatile website widgets. These customizable popups, bars, callouts, and embedded elements allow businesses to capture leads, promote offers, reduce cart abandonment, and cross-sell or upsell products - all without the need for complex coding or development resources. But Personizely goes beyond just widgets. Its advanced website personalization capabilities enable companies to deliver tailored experiences to each individual visitor, treating them as unique customers rather than anonymous traffic. By leveraging detailed targeting parameters, businesses can dynamically adjust their content, calls-to-action, and messaging to match the specific needs and preferences of each user. Whether you're an ecommerce store, a SaaS provider, or any other type of online business, Personizely is designed to help you maximize the potential of your website and turn your visitors into loyal, high-value customers.

  • Website Widgets

    Create any kind of widgets to drive conversions and sales, including popups, bars, callouts, and embedded widgets.

  • Website Personalization

    Create unique experiences with website personalization using personalized placeholders and advanced targeting.

  • Triggers

    Display widgets at the right time using 9+ triggers, including landing, checkout, add to cart, hover, click, exit, time, and scroll.

  • Forms and Fields

    Collect valuable visitor information with custom fields, data sync, pre-filled forms, and GDPR-compliant forms.

  • Integrations

    Connect Personizely to your email marketing system and other marketing tools for a seamless workflow.

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  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

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