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Has potential but ….

I did a very quick walk thru - mixed results:

So let’s talk about the idea:
It sounds great - no more messing with canva, simply type what you want and it spits it out.
Spit may be the right word here, as some times it is vile, sometimes it is really good (can spit be good?)

As you’ll see in the video, I did create a few “creatives”

Now of course one thing that is important is the prompt you use - you will see what happened with the logos!

The LinkedIn Carousel was good but quite plain and sometimes the PDF did not download - honestly don’t know how many tasks I have used or revisions - this could be made clearer

The comic panels were pretty nice, again with a little more work on the prompt I think you could get good results.

A few things that could be improved are:
Better UI re credits
Be able to follow up with revisions of an output. this should be on all tools - you can with some but with others you can’t say improve this part of the image. Maybe this will be improved.
How about a Youtube thumbnail creator?

As a few people mentioned this does not look like a fully finished and tested product (although they say they have created over 1 million task and have over a hundred thousand users around the world.

I want to love this but it needs work.
Ufuk I have reached out to you so let me know.


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Two pretty extreme possibilities, right? Let's dive in!

The tool promises everyone's dream, including mine. I agree it looks like an MVP, as mentioned by a colleague in their review.

When we buy a tool, we expect it to deliver at least the minimum satisfaction. However, this tool barely meets the basics of what it promises. Here are the points:

Processing Time: My disappointments begin with the long processing time; the delivery is very slow.
Brand Configuration: I configured my brand, but the tool simply ignores this setting.
Product Management: While writing this review, I see the message "We're loading your products. Please wait..." for several minutes... sad.
Generated Images: The images generated are very basic. Those that include more than one person are unusable, with deformed limbs and other anomalies.
Charts: I directed it to produce charts about dengue, and it filled them with beekeepers. How frustrating!
If we can believe in the developers and they improve the service, this purchase could be a great find. The product is not ready yet, but will it be? I'm inclined to take a chance and upgrade.

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This is an MVP and is far from ready

I don't like leaving low taco reviews and usually don't but this product doesn't feel ready for production just yet. I purchased the Plus Exclusive and hoped this would make graphic creation much simpler. I created a brand, added logos, colours, slogans and descriptions of what I did. I gave the platform more than enough information to create some great graphics. I then went to New Task, selected banner, selected my newly created brand in the configuration and told it to create me a facebook banner. What it came back with shocking in every way. It did not contain any of the provided information, colours, logos etc and in all honesty I am struggling to see the point in being able to add brand details when the platform isn't using them. I am disappointed. The product doesn't feel ready yet, an MVP at best, although the website boast it has 100,000 users worldwide! I will unfortunately be refunding.

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