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About Remo

Remo is a virtual event platform that enables organizers to create immersive and engaging online experiences. With Remo, you can host virtual conferences, webinars, poster sessions, job fairs, and more, all while providing attendees with the opportunity to connect and interact in meaningful ways. One of the key features of Remo is its ability to create a sense of presence and proximity, even in a virtual setting. Attendees can move freely between virtual tables, engage in spontaneous conversations, and network with each other just like they would at an in-person event. This helps to foster a sense of community and connection, even when participants are physically apart. In addition to its networking capabilities, Remo also offers a range of tools and features to help organizers create engaging and interactive content. From live presentations and panel discussions to breakout sessions and interactive workshops, Remo makes it easy to deliver high-quality content that keeps attendees engaged and involved. Whether you're a conference organizer looking to take your event online, a company hosting a virtual job fair, or an educator seeking to create an immersive learning experience, Remo has the tools and features you need to succeed. With its user-friendly interface, customizable branding options, and robust analytics and reporting capabilities, Remo is the ideal platform for anyone looking to create unforgettable virtual events.

  • Shuffle Mode

    Allows event organizers to randomly shuffle attendees between virtual tables to facilitate more organic networking and conversations.

  • Sponsorship Embedding

    Enables event organizers to embed sponsor content, logos, and information directly into the virtual event environment to increase sponsor visibility and engagement.

  • Polling and Quizzing

    Allows event organizers to create interactive polls and quizzes for attendees to participate in during the virtual event, enhancing engagement and gathering real-time feedback.

  • Assigned Seating

    Enables event organizers to pre-assign attendees to specific virtual tables or 'seats' to facilitate targeted networking, discussions, or presentations.

  • Lock Tables

    Allows event organizers to lock virtual tables to control access and conversations, ensuring privacy and focus for specific sessions or discussions.

  • Whiteboards

    Provides a collaborative whiteboard feature within the virtual event environment, enabling attendees to brainstorm, sketch ideas, and share content in real-time.

  • Upvoted Q&A

    Allows attendees to upvote questions during presentations or discussions, enabling event organizers to prioritize the most relevant and popular questions for answering.

  • Post-Event Analytics

    Provides detailed analytics and reporting on event engagement, attendance, and other key metrics to help organizers measure the success of their virtual events and optimize future events.

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What everyone's saying

34 reviews
Whitelabel handling is very confusing

Functionalities are working ok. But taking a tier3 and not getting proper whitelabel yet while discussing same is taking lot of toll back and forth.. The main login page post invite asks event attendees to create account with remo making whitelebel defunct . This is fundamental issue which needs to be solved asap,. There are many other issues on whitelabel enablement before remo can be used on user own brand.

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Good with room to improve

To be fair I haven't fully tested Remo yet so I'm not totally sure on reliability but it does seem like a nice piece of kit.

A couple things that seem like no-brainers and easy improvements.

Remo makes attendees register on their platform. This seems like unnecessary friction from a user experience standpoint. Make it easy for people to attend the events... that should always be top of line.

Reminder emails are not sent when registering on Remo's registration page. You have to manually send an invite. Again this seems really off and creates more friction.

Reminder emails cannot be modified.

Most of these seem blatantly obvious and with a mature product I was surprised they have not been addressed.

The UI is nice and creating an event is easy. I was also looking at GoBrunch but the UI between the 2 is night and day with Remo a clear winner.

A lot of promise with Remo and I'm looking forward to what they develop with the product.

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Just brilliant

Support: 10/10
Software: 10/10
Experience: 10/10

Having done a couple of presentations with real people, well, and people were so glad being there!
They love the table rooms, and I told them next week we will put a beach environment!
Congrats for your software, I'm afraid Zoom and all the others are going to copy you soon!

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I can't believe I got it for this price

I have hosted and been at a lot of online events, and nothing compares to Remo. The price is amazing!!!! I am still waiting for the ... you've been punked I love the interaction of the attendees, from events to single webinars. I am looking forward to many years and a lot of satisfied attendees to my events! Thanks, Remo and App Sumo!!!!!

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Hello There!

I was looking the interview with the founder and that he was asking US as the new users on HOW we going to use it. I will pick up from there and tell it here now. Live Music Events on 2 or 3 Clubs. I will let you know later how it turned out. I know from the interview it is possible. Thank you very much for the great deal!

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The addition of VO

Just hoped in, looked around and really like what I have seen so far - looks solid.
Was unable to join in on the previously planned events but so far impresed.
The addition of the VO would definitely come in handy.

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Deal needs an upgrade!

This good deal could be taken to the next level with the addition of the 'Unlimited “always open” event spaces' feature... 🙏🤞

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A no-brainer!

As an online learning center owner, finding the right virtual event platform is integral to not only building a community of engaged learners but also creating an environment where learners can grow through application and practice. And for me, this is where Remo shines.

In my brief experience so far, Remo has been able to seamlessly handle a fairly large number of participants (more than one hundred) without any hiccups. All the features that are advertised have worked without any glitches or bugs which is certainly a plus.

While Remo does seem to lack a dedicated mobile app at the moment, and certain features do require hosts to dig through menus to access them, the Remo team has assured me that they were either planning to address the issues I pointed out in the next upcoming release or that my suggestions had already been considered and added to their roadmap. Recent new features that have been added had also been also the result of taking in their users’ feedback to improve their product which shows me that they do value our feedback and listen to their customers.

In my opinion, what will truly set Remo apart for most is probably going to be the overall event experience from the attendees’ standpoint which combines a unique physical floor map with interactive iframe widgets and popups that can be interacted with as well as a traditional webinar style of room that hosts can bring everybody into at any time. To a certain extent, you can think of the event floor as a kind of breakout rooms feature on steroids that naturally makes mingling among attendees and groups more intuitive and fun. It really encourages people to interact with each other while still giving hosts the tools they need to control (and restrict) the experience and step in whenever they want.

That said, while Remo already does feel like a mature web app, it still has a ton of potential and room to grow with us as we contribute our own feedback. To that end, the developers are actively seeking our suggestions to help improve the app further and better adapt it to the needs of smaller businesses, making me excited for what's to come.

A small heads-up for AppSumo users: there are per-ticket fees if you plan to charge for your events, and certain customization and whitelabeling features, being under active development, are still rough around the edges and will require a bit more patience before they get to where they need to be. Don’t let that dissuade you though as even for what it is right now, it's a solid product.

In short, Remo is a great product with a solid team that is only going to get better with time. If you are looking for a virtual event solution and still on the fence about it, just give it a try, and see for yourself--it's a really polished product, but you might just have to try it (as an attendee and host) to realize its potential. I only wish we could get higher tiers to secure higher limits—you know, just in case😁.

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Please let us hide the "remo events" in the 3rd level _ "no longer white label"

It seems you changed the language on the offer to remove the words "white label" from the third tier. It makes no sense to have a bunch of unrelated events (and in my case, events in different languages) showing up on your "branded" event page.

I didn't pay an extra $500, so you could advertise other people's events on my page.
You have to fix this. If it's still branded as Remo, it completely negates the value of putting it on your domain; it makes it more confusing for users than just pushing them to register on REMO for your event.

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Very mature product & responsive team!

Rare opportunity to get a very MATURE product - happily bought the highest tier & ready to dive in and make the switch to it for our weekly live webinars.

Founder Hoyin is very responsive here and seems very willing & interested to accommodate Sumolings and further improve their already-great product!

Must-haves for me that are currently missing:

* PABBLY (and/or INTEGRATELY) integration - would be painful to use without it...
MUST be able to automate things like attendees coming in via ticket purchase via our own shopping cart (ThriveCart) OR our yearly subscribers registering for it - and that being *automated* via integration with DRIP (email automation)

* Transparent UPGRADE pricing for potential future plan upgrades later on (for both: overall plan upgrade AND one-time event upgrade).
Would be lovely to get something *specific* added to the AS deal terms a la the frequently-seen
"upgrades later on: 50% of the regular pricing on our website" - and the, pretty please: specific example a la:

-> OVERALL PLAN UPGRADE: AS Tier 3: if you go over your 300 attendees: you can purchase the "difference" @ 50% (example) of our regular pricing, which would be: 50% of $.../mth for additional 200 attendees. (For then total of 500 attendees)

-> ONE-TIME EVENT PLAN UPGRADE: AS Tier 3 (300 attendees): you can purchase the "difference" @ 50% (example) of our regular pricing, which would be: 50% of $... (ONE-TIME) for additional 200 attendees for that ONE event. (For then total of 500 attendees)

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So far from what I can tell this is a nicely developed solution

For what you get, tier 2 in a nice value. I went with 3.
Powerful and full featured tool for hosting virtual events.

Very polished, but I do hope the Remo team will heed the warnings of some of the more critical reviews here on Appsumo.

I also look forward to getting a small office space with tier 2-3 if possible.

Also, hate to be a beggar while getting an LTD, but I also wish we had more maps to pick from. Some sort of dive bar maybe? I just wish you had a 3d map builder or something.

Admittedly I have not tried as much of this as I would like but the sale is ending soon and so far I like what I see.

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Excellent platform

Purchased Tier 3 .
Lovely customer service and solid platform - excited to test this at scale with many delegates.

In the future, it would be great if you let the user adjust the CNAME settings directly.

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