The most affordable cloud for ai/ml inference at scale

Deploy AI/ML production models without headaches on the lowest priced GPUs (starting from $0.02/hr) in the market. Get 10X-100X more inferences per dollar compared to managed services and hyperscalers.

About Salad

SaladCloud is a revolutionary cloud platform that is transforming the way businesses approach AI and machine learning workloads. Designed to address the pain points of high cloud costs, GPU shortages, and complex infrastructure management, SaladCloud offers a fully-managed container service that taps into the world's largest distributed network of consumer GPUs. The key to SaladCloud's success is its ability to unlock the untapped potential of the 400 million consumer GPUs that sit idle for 20-22 hours a day. By activating this latent resource, SaladCloud is able to provide businesses with access to thousands of GPUs at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud providers. This not only helps to reduce budget bloat, but also enables unprecedented scalability and performance for AI/ML workloads. SaladCloud's target audience includes data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI researchers who are struggling with the high costs and infrastructure challenges associated with running large-scale AI/ML models. By offering a simple, usage-based pricing structure and a global edge network of low-latency nodes, SaladCloud empowers these teams to deploy their models at scale without the headaches of managing individual instances or VMs.

  • No VM Management

    You don't have to manage any Virtual Machines (VMs).

  • Less Data Costs

    No ingress/egress costs on SaladCloud. No surprises.

  • Less DevOps

    Save time & resources with minimal DevOps Work.

  • Infinite Scalability

    Scale without worrying about access to GPUs.

  • Unmatched Inference. Unbeatable Prices.

    Get 10X more inferences per dollar compared to other clouds. If you find a lower price, we will beat the bill.

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  • Windows
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  • Linux
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  • Android

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