Ship your startup in days, not weeks

The NextJS boilerplate with all you need to build your SaaS, AI tool, or any other web app and make your first $ online fast.

About ShipFast

ShipFast is a powerful NextJS boilerplate that empowers entrepreneurs and indie makers to launch their startups faster than ever before. Designed by Marc Lou, a seasoned maker who has built 16 startups in just 2 years, ShipFast is the solution to the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that often hold back new businesses. The story behind ShipFast begins with Marc's own struggles as an aspiring entrepreneur. After believing he was the next Mark Zuckerberg and building a startup for a year with zero users, Marc experienced a burnout. But he didn't let that stop him. He restarted his entrepreneurial journey, this time shipping products like a madman. Through this process, he realized he was doing the same tedious tasks over and over - setting up DNS records, integrating Stripe, designing pricing sections, and more. To save time and focus on what really matters, building a successful business, Marc created ShipFast. This NextJS boilerplate provides entrepreneurs and indie makers with all the essential tools they need to launch their products quickly, from a payment system and database to email automation and SEO optimization. With ShipFast, users can skip the headaches and get their startups in front of customers in a matter of days, not weeks. ShipFast's target audience is primarily entrepreneurs, indie hackers, and small business owners who want to bring their ideas to life faster and more efficiently. By providing a comprehensive, well-documented boilerplate, ShipFast empowers its users to focus on their core business and product development, rather than getting bogged down in the technical details.

  • NextJS Boilerplate

    The ShipFast product provides a NextJS boilerplate with all the necessary code to run an online business, including a payment system, database, login, blog, and UI components.

  • Transactional Emails

    ShipFast includes email functionality with DNS setup to avoid spam folders and a webhook to receive and forward emails, saving 3 hours of setup time.

  • Payments Integration

    The product includes Stripe payments integration, allowing users to process payments and handle subscriptions without the hassle.

  • User Authentication

    ShipFast provides user authentication functionality, including Google OAuth and Magic Links, to simplify the login process for customers.

  • SEO and Blog

    The product includes SEO-optimized features and a built-in blog to help users promote their products and services online.

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  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

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Ship like a madman!

Shipping like a madman!

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Great NextJs Helper

I've been using a few of these Next Js editors. This one shows a lot of promise in the varying array of fields needed to address daily code chaos. I'm hoping to have AI help get through those weeds more and more. Nice job on executing the concept.

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