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Add trendy captions, cut silences & umms, snap b-rolls, sound effects, magic zooms & more.

About Slick

Slick is an AI-powered tool that makes it easy to create high-quality, engaging video content for social media and beyond. With its suite of powerful features, Slick takes the hassle out of video editing and empowers creators to enhance their content effortlessly. At the heart of Slick is its advanced AI technology, which can automatically generate precise, fully customizable captions, snap relevant b-rolls, remove filler words and silences, and even create viral shorts from longer videos. This allows users to quickly and efficiently produce polished, professional-looking videos without the need for extensive video editing skills or experience. But Slick is more than just a video editing tool - it's a comprehensive content creation platform that caters to the needs of modern creators. With support for over 100 languages, a wide range of aspect ratios, and the ability to add custom background music and sound effects, Slick ensures that users can create content that resonates with their target audience, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Filler word removal

    Cut umms and silences in one click.

  • AI B-roll

    Add relevant b-rolls to the clips in a click.

  • Trendy Captions

    New caption styles added every week. 100% customisable.

  • Video to shorts

    Input YouTube video URL and our AI creates shorts out of the most interesting parts.

  • Background Music

    Add custom background music and sound effects.

  • 106 languages

    English, French, Spanish, German, Hindi, and 100+ more languages.

  • All Aspect Ratios

    Edit clips of all aspect ratios. Up to 4k supported.

  • Trim & Extend

    Adjust clip duration, trim the irrelevant parts.

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Platforms supported

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

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What everyone's saying

19 reviews
Slick - A Promising Creator Tool with Exciting Potential

Slick is a platform with the potential to become an essential tool for creators. However, its development progress has been somewhat slow. With further development, it could compete with major players in the market, but there are still areas that could be improved.

- AI-powered video editing: Easily create engaging short-form content with features like auto-generating emojis, effects, B-roll footage, and auto zoom in/out.
- Customizable captions and templates: Inspired by popular creators, these allow for personalized and professional-looking videos.
- Content repurposing: Ability to transform YouTube videos into short-form content.
- Engagement tools: Generates hook titles, descriptions, tags, and progress bars to enhance viewer engagement.
- User-friendly interface: The UI is easy to use but still requires some adjustments for optimal performance.

- AI-generated B-roll quality: While useful, the quality can be further improved.
- Auto zoom in/out feature: Though helpful, it could be refined.
- Customer support: Limited responsiveness, with some users experiencing long wait times for replies.
- Lack of a public roadmap: Users are left in the dark about upcoming features and improvements.
- Performance issues: The platform can occasionally lag and slow down.

- Auto-GIF function: Adding this feature could make video content even more engaging and dynamic.
- Auto-Frame function: Including this would help maintain focus and framing consistency in videos.
- Expanded effects library: Adding more video effects would make content more engaging and visually appealing.
- Improved customer support: Enhancing responsiveness and providing a public roadmap would significantly enhance the user experience.

Overall, Slick shows a lot of promise as a creator tool. With more transparent communication from the team and a faster development pace, it could address its current limitations and implement new features. These refinements could position Slick as a strong contender in the short-form video creation space.

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Nothing works

This is the second time i bought this hoping to see improvements.

When trying to upload all videos or by youtube url it says: 'The video did not have any spoken words. or 'this video is too long' even for 12 minute videos and im on top tier.

Worse than my 1st time purchase 6 months ago.

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I've never used a product from Appsumo that seemed so far from an official release

I've never used a product from Appsumo that seemed so far from an official release. I really dont think this should be open to the public yet. Not much seems to work as it should with this software. I tried testing out a few videos but it would get stuck at the transcribing process. I tried uploading my own videos and also grabbing URL's from youtube as well. This happened multiple times and any project I created never finished, however, it ended up still using credits too even though it didnt provide anything! I reached out to customer service multiple times as well. First time I got a fairly quick response but it was very unhelpful, the issue was never fixed. A week later, I reached out again for a follow up and still havent gotten a response.

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Frustratingly low upload limits

Okay, in Tier 1 you can upload a maximum of 200MB. I had to use Handbrake to encode my movies to a poor resolution.
Less than 2GB is not very user-friendly.

Creating reels takes forever. And I couldn't get any automatically created ones, only ones I made from the transcription.

Unfortunately, no tool that works for my needs.

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Can't Use!

I tried uploading a few different videos, all about 30 min. long and they wouldn't upload because they kept saying they were too big. It seems you have to have shorts to create shorts lol.

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App Has Potential

Videos rendered sideways etc. Reached out for support and was told to only use mp4 files; I was only using mp4 files. Got a refund.

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Not Quite Usable Right Now

I am looking for a clip maker using AI and I am not expecting a lot on the AI side because lets face it, most of these AI tools need the human touch still.

The transcription seems to work well enough, but the clipping experience right now needs work.
After going through the initial clipping of the a longer video, I could not go back and reclip. Instead, I had to reupload, using another credit :/.

Then once you got to the clips, the low res preview of it was always stuttering with lag, nothing I could do to fix that. This made it really unusable - I tried to do some self troubleshooting and then it became aware it was not my problem to fix.

The AI features were sub par as expected. I cannot fault them - this his how it is until we find what works. The B roll wasn't usable. My video was about cloud infrastructure - so I forgive it for being useless there with the B roll. The magic zooms were really bad too - there was no way to remove all the zooms once they were applied - good thing I reuploaded the video twice....

Waiting on some support answers, in case I'm just new to the software, but I most likely will be refunding this purchase.

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A hidden gen 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

Slick is truly a very helpful app. It has everything for creating and editing viral shorts. Makes video creation an easy process. The limits are very generous and the support is top notch. Don't overlook this nifty AI video tool, get it.

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App is great.... But.....

App is excellent. And will become better in the future.
I have also bought minvo deal, both has their pros and cons. But, liked the deal aspect of uploading 25 videos per month.

The tier 1 limitations should include a statement
1. You can't upload a video greater than 60 mins in length, so if a youtube video has 65 mins length, then you can't just paste the link to create shorts out of them.

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Slick is What's Been Missing From My AI Toolbelt

Slick is literally what was missing from my AI toolbelt. I love using it and it has completely freed up my time with the b-roll and clip generation features. One of the best purchases I've made on App Sumo. 10/10 would buy again, glad I got the best package. I was also able to add my fiancé to the account through the Team settings and we are loving the ability to both use the accounts monthly limits for our own separate projects. It's a great app and we are excited for the audio to video and face swap features that are coming soon. Excited to see where this app goes and how well it grows in the future.

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Great vision but B-rolls not realisticly usable

I really like the vision behind your product. It feels like you've got a good handle on what creators in this niche need. But, gotta be honest, the AI-generated B-roll isn't quite there yet. I get that generative AI is still finding its feet and can be a bit wonky and pricey, but right now, the stuff it's spitting out just doesn't cut it. The quality's below par, making it pretty much useless to me since B-roll automation is my biggest need. I mean, in today's world, nobody's gonna stick around to watch that.

And let's talk about the customization limitations on those B-rolls, thats a major drawback. Even if we could keep regenerating them until they're halfway decent, it'd take forever. At that point, we might as well just do it ourselves, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of using the tool.

I know this is an Appsumo deal, and early-stage tools often come with their quirks. But I think it's important to invest in tools that actually provide results from the start. Otherwise, it feels less like an investment and more like rolling the dice. Honestly, I don't see this tool getting a major makeover before my 60-day guarantee runs out. And I've been burned by too many broken promises on Appsumo to hope for a major turn in the coming weeks, and i need something that works now. I don't need something like Opus, but something that i can use.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you won't come through eventually. But right now, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how to use this thing. The output's just not practical, and the rendering time is a snooze-fest. I could whip something up way quicker in Premiere Pro with the "autocut" plugin, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of using Slick.

I'm laying all this out because I genuinely believe in your vision for the tool. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother taking the time to write all this out. I've been itching for a tool like this to be functional for ages. I'm willing to give it another shot down the road and update my review then. But for now, the tool's just not cutting it. And that's my gripe with AppSumo sometimes — the tools should be usable right off the bat. I'm cool with early stages and all, but they gotta be functional.

Oh, and just a heads up, API access wasn't advertised for this deal, but it would've been a game-changer.

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Exactly what I've been looking for!

Massively impressed with this tool, I was able to add and customise subtitles, music, and B-roll so easily. I always put off video-editing as I just don't enjoy it, but Slick might actually make me get moving on social media for a change.

Given that I've been quoted $15/video by a video-editor, this software will pay itself back in just a few videos! Huge well done to the team for making everything so intuitive and easy to use!

Great deal!

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