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Social Valid

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About Social Valid

Social Valid is a new universal validation platform that aims to make the web a safer place by confirming real identities and online presence. The platform allows users to connect all their social media accounts to a single verified digital identity, complete with official badges and certifications. The key problem Social Valid solves is the prevalence of bad actors, impersonators, cyber-bullies, and catfishes online. By verifying users' true identities, the platform helps eliminate these issues and create a more trustworthy online environment. The target audience includes creators, influencers, and anyone looking to establish their authentic online presence. The value proposition of Social Valid is to simplify success by providing users with a single link to showcase all their verified social profiles. This makes it easier for them to build trust, credibility, and recognition with their audience. The platform's unique features, such as the 'Notable Figure' certification and the ability to display verifications across all platforms, set it apart from competitors and provide tangible benefits to users.

  • Bio Profiles

    Create, customize and share different bio profiles for different audiences or purposes.

  • Customization

    Match your bio profiles to your personality by selecting custom themes, usernames or domains.

  • Coming Soon: About Me Page

    Embrace and share your true self through the "About Me" page.

  • Coming Soon: Tipping

    Start generating income by adding tips to your profile links.

  • New: Video Integration

    Add your favorite Youtube and Vimeo videos to your bio profiles.

  • Analytics

    Understand your audience by monitoring activity and traffic on your bio profiles with our valuable insights on views and clicks.

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