Add Social Sign-ups Buttons to Your Newsletter's Sign-up Forms

Give your subscribers a faster way to sign-up to your newsletter. And get your subscriber's email address, full name and social username into your connected email marketing app.

About Socialscribe

Socialscribe is a powerful tool that helps newsletter creators boost their sign-up rates by offering a seamless, one-click subscription experience for their readers. The product was created to solve a common problem faced by newsletter publishers - getting people to actually sign up for their mailing lists. With Socialscribe, newsletter creators can easily add 'Subscribe with Google' or 'Subscribe with Twitter' buttons to their sign-up forms. This allows readers to subscribe in just a single click, without having to manually enter their email address and other details. Socialscribe automatically pulls the subscriber's email, name, and social profile information, making the sign-up process frictionless. The target audience for Socialscribe is newsletter publishers, bloggers, and content creators who want to grow their email lists more efficiently. By reducing the barriers to subscription, Socialscribe helps these creators convert more of their website visitors into loyal subscribers. This in turn allows them to build stronger relationships with their audience and drive more engagement with their content.

  • Social Sign-up Buttons

    Allow your newsletter subscribers to sign up with a single click using their existing social media accounts like Google, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Discord.

  • Verified Email Addresses

    Socialscribe takes already verified email addresses from the subscriber's social profile, eliminating the need for a confirmation email.

  • Lead Magnet Pages

    Create specialized lead magnet pages with social sign-up buttons to grow your email list.

  • Customizable Buttons

    Embed Socialscribe buttons on your website in just 10 minutes with no coding required. The buttons are 100% customizable to match your site's design.

  • Subscriber Profile Page

    Get a simple subscribe page on Socialscribe that lists all your lead magnets, which you can share on social media to get more subscribers.

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