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Unleash your musical creativity with ai-generated music

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The Best

We purchased it in 2021.

It's one of our best Appsumo purchases. The developers evolved the software. We've had it for a while but only used it after activation. We popped in a few times but didn't find what we needed, so we immediately returned to stock music.

Recently, we popped back in, and...the software has evolved. It's more control in editing than it was back in 2021. It is simpler to delete a segment we don't like to "save the song." We can search for similar songs.

The Best: We say this AFTER looking at some of their competitors. Right now, Soundraw is the best in its class.

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Soundraw Destroys Be%%%ven

Soundraw wins over Be%%%ven

Soundraw is an awesome product that creates QUALITY tracks and recommend it highly. Sadly Soundraw is no longer available (Neither is Be%%%ven), but I decided that they deserve a review from me, regardless (Neither is. The following are the simple and intuitive steps to create your AI music in Soundraw.

1) Click "Create music"
2) Choose from:
# Genre: (Under Genre choose multiple options) Hip Hop, Trap, Drill, R&B, Jersey Club, Latin, Acoustic, Rock, Ambient, Beats, Drum n'Bass, Electro & Dance, Funk, House, Techno & Trance, Tokyo night pop, pop, Lofi Hip Hop, World, Electronica, Orchestra, Tropical house... 23 total choices
# Mood (Choose multiple options): Epic, Happy, hopeful, Laid Back, Angry, Sentimental and 19 more choices of mood... 25 total choices
# Theme (Choose multiple options): Corporate, Photography, Motivational & Inspiring and 19 more choices of theme... 23 total choices
# Length (Choose multiple options): Choose a length between 10 seconds to 5 minutes
# Tempo (Choose multiple options): Slow, normal, fast
# Instruments(Choose multiple options): Piano, Keyboard, Synth, acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar, Bell, Mallet, Ethnic, Strings, Voice, Brass, Woodwind
3) Choose your tracks - By default Soundraw creates 15 tracks for you of random genres, moods, and themes if you don't choose any of the above for you to choose from. If you choose certain genres, moods, themes etc., you will get a random selection of these options in the 15 resulting tracks.
4) Download your music

As a comparison to another AI music composer named Be%%%%en, B is also simple to use but intuitive, but you get far fewer options.

1) Click "New Track"
2) Enter Track Title (Choose from the following) # Duration: 00:16 to 15:00 Minutes... # Tempo: Slow Medium Fast
# Genre (one choice only): Rock, Indian, Pop, Ambient, Indie, Rnb, Cinematic, Hip-hop, Electronica... 9 total choices only!!!
# Emotion (one choice only): Sad Calmn, Motivational 15 more choices 18 total choices
3) Choose your tracks - Be%%%ven then conjures out only 4 tracks in a few seconds
4) Download your music

Final thoughts:
Soundraw offers more choice, flexibility and results than Be%%%ven, but Be%%%ven does have a VERY basic video creation tool that Sounddraw completely lacks. However, the quality of the tracks from Soundraw is far superior IMHO, I felt that most of the music created by Be%%%ven was discordant, lacked balance and some tracks sounded just like noise to me. Soundraw was either created by musicians or they consulted them to create their product and Be%%%ven were just nerdy programmers, Jokes aside, but this is really subjective (sorry Be%%%ven) :D! I encourage you to try both products for yourself and you'll see what I mean and or will be able to formulate your own opinion. If Soundraw comes back to Sumo just snap it up and don't think about it!

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One of my favorite purchases!

I use soundraw regularly, and I recently thought about how it's been one of my favorite purchases, so it needs a review! I love the ability to find songs with specific time lengths and being able to change those lengths. I do a lot of short-form and long-form videos, so I normally spend a ton of time finding the right song and then trying to fade it out at the appropriate time. Soundraw lets you choose your length and edits the instruments to actually end appropriately. It's a huge time saver and sounds a lot better than me fading it. I'm always recommending this app!

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New Music Software That Creates High-Quality Backgrounds For Content Creators

Soundraw is a powerful tool for making music IMO, inspired by the exceptional power of the human ear and artificial intelligence.

Soundraw has been designed to be simple and fun to use, even if you have no musical background or experience at all (like I do)! With Soundraw, you can create your own music in seconds. Just choose from their many moods, genres, and instruments, and you're ready to go!

The interface is smooth and easy to use; it's like playing a game. And best of all? You don't have to pay royalties when you use Soundraw tracks in your Twitch streams or content videos!

Their founders are Japanese—and they know how to make high-quality products that are affordable for everyone. They're offering an incredible deal: $69 for a lifetime access. You can customize your tracks up to five minutes long—which means you've got plenty of time to get creative!

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Good but limited

I can see this being really useful for short videos but find myself really disappointed at the 5 minute limit since I often create videos that go for 20 minutes or more and want some background track to match the pace of the vid. I'd give it five tacos if these limits were expanded out to 30 minutes otherwise this is only mildly useful for me.

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It's alright. I don't love it.

This is a neat program. Making the initial creations is super easy. It sure is convenient to have royalty free music readily available without paying per track, having to credit a track to your video, or having a RF subscription service. You do get to customize tracks to length up to 5 minutes as well as the general vibe. When selecting corporate it really does have a corporate vibe.

I think it's far more limited than I expected. For example if I select a Happy Mood and Acoustic Genre the only available instrument is Acoustic Guitar. When I create that music I get 15 tracks that are pretty similar with slight differences in BPM or key. No problem - just hit the create button again for 15 more tracks.... to get 15 more that generally sound the same. Other moods and genres are more creative and forgiving to the above problem. Creation is limited in another way... selecting a mood quickly cuts down on the next option. Ie. Choosing 'dynamic mood' eliminates 16 of the 20 genre choices. I think the sad/horror mood really misses the mark.

Let me compare it to a popular app like Garage Band. Garage Band has all the neat loops and sounds and instruments and ability to create sounds with technical detail. You probably have to have a lot of knowledge and time to intelligently produce an awesome unique track out of that. I certainly don't have the skill for that. Soundraw is the exact opposite. No skill necessary but you won't get a killer track. You're going to get your choice of 3 different Marimba sounds/beats. Soundraw may be just the thing for you if what's important is the track is royalty free, fits the feel of your video, and is easily accessible.

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Probably one of the best things I have bought on Appsumo!

Cannot believe how fun and easy this is - we are constantly looking for music for NGO videos. The best part is takes about 30 second to figure out. The UI is cool and feels, well, like Japan. Absolutely love this tool - and have to admit I spent way too much time playing with it. So rare that a tool like this comes along.

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Really nice!

You know what people like? Quality Japanese product. Keep up the good work!

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Home Gig & Video Music Composer

Simply WOW!

If you play an electric guitar or a bass, Soundraw IO is damn cool.

First, you select one of all the available theme (Corporate, advertisement, etc), the genre (corporate rock for me, electro for others maybe), tempo (128 bpm), length (10 sec - 3 minutes) and CREATE MUSIC.

Second, The AI will make you all sort of genre (if you did not select any specific ones), and you go through each composition. If you like it, you have 2 extra options (1. edit it or 2. keep it) before you download it for use.

Edit it - you can edit each composition, bass - finger type, etc and its loudness, or remove the bass, or you can add drum fills. In short, you can customise it. For me, i always remove the synthesiser.

Removal of the Bass Guitar, why? This is because i can play it myself. How? Step 1 - download the entire song and run it through CHORD AI (android app) and CHORD AI will provide you with the Chord progressions. Now, you know what and when is the bass chords. Step 2 - Once this is completed, you can remove the Bass from the composition and download it once again. And 2 - KEEP it (saving it inside Soundraw.IO).

Play it and record your bass tune, playing by yourself. Of course, it is better than ducking or removing BASS with another brilliant app, MOISES.IA (iOS and Android).

And finally, add on the electric guitar riff and overdrives on a ROCK Composition.

NOW, you have the backing track (Drums, piano, others) and I can add in the BASS/Guitar for all my video projects. It is definitely better than hunting for specific Drum Beat (or drummer), piano (Pianist) and others. And a music Composer. is all of them, leaving me with my bass/guitar. Oh Ya! You can listen to their original version of Bass/guitar and augment from there too.

So, Soundraw IO you compose and I play. And it goes into my video, finally.

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I LOVE IT!!!!!

I just bought it and tried it out. Just listened to the first track generated by the app. At first it's a bit boring but then the pace picked up and then I thought that it sounded pretty cool! I love it! Thanks for making this deal available! (Note: I haven't bought any deals for the past few months.... But I couldn't miss this one!)

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Signing up and Onboarding is a bit of mess.

I tried several times. The signup up with the AppSumo code and onboarding is a mess. I noticed there are a lot of good reviews. But the onboarding experience for me hasn't been smooth. Anyway, I've sent an online support request via their chatbot, stating the problem I'm facing. I was able to log in once. Got to see my dashboard. But it had the wrong email address recorded, which is weird, because a mere 2 minutes before, they had asked me to choose the email I want the account to be assigned to.

Anyway, noticing that the email is not the right one, I change it to the email that I wanted to assign this account to begin with. Now, I'm I am locked out of my account. :-)

So AppSumo wants us to ad value with my review after trying it. Here is my review after trying to get into the product. To me, at least, starting to use a product is part of... using the product.

Hope this helps the developers as well.

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Love it

I nearly overlooked this, and i'm glad I didn't. Grab it while you can. It's a clever little set up and you can can have amazing control over how the music sounds. Can have it go in full throttle for 30 sec ad or go big bang after 15-30 secs, if that makes sense. Thank you.

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