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Stack is a Spatial Browser for Mindful Online Living

About Stack

The internet has become the primary place where we spend most of our time - where we work, have fun, communicate with each other, and meet new people. But this extraordinary metaverse we've been building for the past 30 years has become excruciatingly messy and disorienting. The browser, the primary tool we use to access the internet, has remained a boring software that simply provides access to the web. What if a browser could be your personal spaceship in this chaotic universe of the internet? A universe that has focus, organization, privacy, and transparency at its core? Enter Stack - a spatial browser for mindful online living. Stack is designed to address the challenges of the modern internet, providing a conscientious environment for focused and productive work, as well as a place to relax and even meditate. It's a collaborative, decentralized tool that gives you full ownership over your online experience, without the distractions and privacy concerns of traditional browsers. With Stack, you can switch your entire work environment with a single click, create value and be productive, and engage in remote work as seamlessly as sitting in an office. It's the virtual place where you truly belong, a universe waiting to be explored.

  • Spatial Browser

    Stack is a spatial browser for mindful online living. Its sleek, uncluttered, and harmonious design helps you to be focused and aware of the information around you.

  • Cards instead of Tabs

    In Stack, instead of tabs, you have cards aligned side by side in a spatial environment.

  • Fly Mode

    Use one-key shortcuts & experience the lightning fast navigation

  • Multiplayer

    Send files, messages & links, and build things in figma-like multiplayer environment

  • Community Ownership

    Stack is now listed on WeFunder, making it possible for the users to become the real shareholders as well.

  • Personal Assistant

    Hey Human! I'm your personal assistant in your Stack spaceship

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A browser for work. It works.

Stack's cards-and-spaces layout is really effective for me. I like that I can group tabs within a card, or open them in my default browser. Stack is great for web apps, and more intuitive and restful (I think) than Arc.

Jun 18, 2024
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