AI-powered social intelligence

Strobe's powerful AI makes it easy for your team to evaluate and manage creators at scale.

About Strobe

Strobe is a powerful AI-powered platform that helps marketing teams discover, evaluate, and manage influencer marketing partners with ease. With Strobe, you can instantly analyze thousands of social posts, organize and track creators in one place, monitor content for brand safety, and discover high-performing creators who already love your brand. Strobe's AI-driven insights take the guesswork out of new partnerships, helping you and your team make data-based decisions about influencers. The platform reviews multiple sources of data to identify key metrics, topics, partnerships, and brand safety issues, empowering you to evaluate potential partners at scale. Whether you're looking to build long-term relationships with creators or quickly find new marketing partners, Strobe makes it easy for your team to organize, monitor, and take action with all of your creators. With Strobe, you can focus on creating impactful campaigns and driving real results for your business.

  • Social Content Ratings

    Strobe's AI analyzes creator content to provide ratings and insights on brand safety, sensitive topics, and content themes.

  • Creator Discovery

    Strobe helps you discover high-performing creators who already know and engage with your brand.

  • Influencer Search

    Strobe's AI-powered search allows you to find and evaluate potential marketing partners at scale.

  • Creator Relationship Management

    Strobe helps you organize and track all of your creator relationships in one centralized platform.

  • AI-Powered Insights

    Strobe's AI analyzes data from multiple sources to provide actionable insights for your influencer marketing strategy.

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