Most of our waking hours are spent working.

And we don't need to suffer through it.

About Sunsama

Sunsama was founded by Ashutosh and Travis in 2013 after feeling dissatisfied with the traditional work structure. They believed that work should bring fulfillment and meaning to people's lives, rather than stress and anxiety. The founders wanted to create a tool that would help individuals work with focus, calm, and harmony. Over the years, Sunsama went through various stages of development, including multiple product launches and iterations. Despite facing challenges, such as almost shutting down the company due to financial constraints, Sunsama persevered and eventually found success. The company's journey culminated in achieving profitability in 2022, allowing them to focus on building a product that truly matters to their customers.

  • Daily Planning

    Sunsama offers a feature for daily planning, allowing users to organize and plan their tasks for each day efficiently.

  • Weekly Objectives

    Users can set and track their weekly objectives within Sunsama, helping them stay focused on their goals for the week.

  • Timeboxing

    Sunsama includes a timeboxing feature, enabling users to allocate specific time slots for tasks to enhance productivity and time management.

  • Focus mode

    With the focus mode feature, Sunsama helps users concentrate on specific tasks by providing a focused and distraction-free environment.

  • Email Forwarding

    Users can forward emails directly to Sunsama for task management and organization, streamlining the process of integrating emails into their workflow.

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Best Productivity Tool

Helps me plan my day and week. Highly recommend. It has built in time tracking.

May 21, 2024
Justin Harris
Justin Harris
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