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About Teamhub

Teamhub is the ultimate project management tool for small teams that want to stay organized and productive. Tired of juggling multiple apps and constantly switching between chat, task management, and document collaboration? Teamhub has you covered. This all-in-one platform seamlessly combines the best features of chat apps like Slack and project management tools like Asana. With Teamhub, your team can easily create tasks, assign due dates, leave comments, and track progress - all in one centralized place. No more lost conversations or forgotten to-dos. Designed for agile, fast-moving teams, Teamhub helps you break down big projects into smaller, manageable tasks. Stay on top of your workload, collaborate effortlessly, and never miss a deadline. Whether you're a software development team, a marketing agency, or a growing startup, Teamhub is the solution that will keep your team organized and focused on delivering great work.

  • Clever Grouping

    Hubs allow you to group projects and docs. Each Hub is visible to team members you invite, keeping teams and projects organized.

  • Project Visualization

    Kanban view to progress tasks through stages. Track task progress easily from "To-Do" to "Completed".

  • Excel View

    Excel-like grid view with customizable columns. Organize project data efficiently.

  • Structured Data

    Set up project phases with categories. Classify tasks into groups for better organization.

  • Centralized Communication

    Add task comments for relevant info. Facilitate task-specific discussions for better task understanding.

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